Back To School? Save Up To 30% With Trust

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Digital lifestyle company Trust has kicked off its 2023 back-to-school sale with savings available on a wide range of peripherals. Keyboards, mice, webcams and more have had their price cut by up to 30% so if you’re in the market for a new piece of kit or an upgrade, read on to see what’s on offer.

Back to Savings with Back to School

The Back To School Sale runs from 16th August to 5th September 2023. See below for details of the products included.

What’re Ya Sellin’?

Keyboards and Mice

We’re starting off by looking at some desk peripherals. There are 2 keyboard and mice bundles included in the sale. The ODY Deskset is a wireless set on sale at £16.49 and the Comfort Trezo, also wireless, is available for £24.99. These 2 sets are relatively similar, with the Comfort Trezo edging out in front for me with the extra long battery life and it’s eco-friendly recycled build.

Black keyboard and mouse set on a wooden desk. Text: The quiet type. Work comfortably and in silence with the quietest keyboard and mouse we've ever made. Clevergreen. This product is made with 85% recycled plastics. Silent Clicking and Typing. Plug & Play. One Micro USB Receiver.
Trust Comfort Trezo Mouse & Keyboard

Aside from the sets, there are also a couple of separate items included in the Trust back-to-school sale. The Lyra Compact Keyboard, which can connect to 3 devices for quick switching is available for £22.49. If you’re in the market for a new mouse, the ergonomic Trust Bayo wireless mouse is on sale at £24.99.


Online meetings are something that ramped up astronomically during the pandemic and haven’t really gone away since, in my experience at least. If a webcam is on your wishlist for the start of the new term, Trust may have you covered with one of these 2 models. First up, and cheapest of the 2, is the Taxon QHD Webcam priced at £44.99. This cam is capable of capturing video at 2560×1440 30fps and has 2 built-in microphones and a privacy filter.

If you have a little bit more in the budget then you could check out the Teza 4K Ultra HD Webcam for £89.99. Like the Taxon it has built-in mics and operates at 30fps. The upgrades you’ll be getting for the price difference are a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and some auto adjustment features to help with video quality. The Teza model also comes bundled with a tripod stand as an alternative to mounting the device on your monitor.

The Trust Teza 4K Ultra HD Webcam attached to the top of a computer monitor in one half of the image, and sat on it's dedicated tripod on a desk in the other half. Text: Universal stand. Can be placed on a desk or monitor.Tripod Included.
Trust Teza 4K Ultra HD Webcam in its 2 operational configurations.

Headset and Microphone

Sticking with the theme of online meetings, the Trust GXT 232 Mantis USB Microphone is included in the Back to School Sale for £24.99. That’s an excellent price for a plug-and-play USB mic that comes bundled with a shock mount, a pop filter and a tripod stand.

Finally, and maybe slightly outside the theme of the sale, is the officially licensed GXT498 Forta Wired PS5 Headset. This headset is priced at £34.99 in the sale and can be used on the PS4, PS5 and PC, so can be used for online lectures or meetings as well as for some well-deserved downtime at the end of the day.

The white GXT498 Forta Wired headset. Text: Licensed to win. Enjoy your best gaming experience ever with this headset, officially licensed for the PS5 console.This product is made with 35% recycled plastics. Powerful sound. Plugs directly into your controller. Official Licensed Product.
GXT498 Forta Wired PS5 Headset

That’s everything we have to highlight in the Trust Back to School Sale. Hopefully, you can save a bit of money if you’re in the market for any of the items above this summer.

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