Anker Reveal GaNPrime Chargers

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Fast at charging, smarter and greener high-wattage chargers are almost here!

Fast Charging Just Received a Turbo!

We all love chargers but let’s face it, in today’s high-tech gaming world, the faster we get to 100% the better!

Anker Ups Their Game!

Coming to the UK very soon are 3 amazingly quick plug-in chargers, recently unveiled by Anker as part of their GaNPrime range.

According to Steven Yang, the CEO of Anker Innovations, “GaNPrime represents a new era in charging.” With a world devoted to becoming more energy efficient, Mr Yang further elaborates; “In addition to delivering a faster and safer charging experience, our new GaNPrime chargers offer significant savings in energy consumption, reinforcing Anker’s commitment to a more sustainable future.”

735 GaNPrime
The 65W 735 Anker GaNPrime charger in champagne.

What is GaNPrime I hear you ask? Well, GaN is short for Gallium Nitride, a compound found in modern satellites and radar. How does it benefit the humble charger? Pioneered in 2018, Anker has been using it in order to develop smaller, lighter chargers. This in turn has led to a device consuming less energy compared to the silicone-based versions.

To add some brains to charging your devices, PowerIQ™ 4.0 intelligently detects the power needs of each connected device and automatically adjusts the power distribution in order to reduce the overall charging time by up to an hour.

To safeguard the charging process, ActiveShield™ 2.0 monitors the temperature and adjusts power output to prevent overheating and subsequent damage that could be caused to connected devices.

With all of these innovations, you will be surprised to learn that GaNPrime products are up to 53% smaller than silicon laptop chargers. Not only that but they can charge more than 1 device at a time.


The development of the GaNPrime charger has focussed on USB-C which is where tech is moving to although it does also support USB-A for older devices. This means that anything with a USB charging port can be used with the Anker GaNPrime charger, with an average of 7% saving in energy consumption.

737 GaNPrime
The 120W 737 Anker GaNPrime charger in black.

Coming to the UK imminently is the Anker 65W 735 charger available in black for £54.95, while the champagne variant will be here at the beginning of September. If you fancy a charger with a bit more oomph then the 120W 737 charger arrives at the end of August priced at £89.99. All can be ordered via Anker or Amazon.

For the US there is a slightly larger range with the addition of the Anker 615 Power Strip, 727 Charging Station and 733 Power Bank as well as a beefy 150W 747 Charger.

Will you be investing in an Anker GaNPrime turbocharger?

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