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With Project Cars 2 rapidly approaching there may well be a large increase of racing fans picking up the first iteration of the game to get some practice.

Well sit back and read the Thumb Culture 5 Top Tips for getting the most out of your car. These tips are straight forward, but are very important if you are looking at taking your racing to the next level. So without further delay, let us show you the green light.

Tip #1
Turn off the driving line.

This one might seem daunting at first, but trust me, turn off the driving live…it tells you to brake early and doesn’t give you the best times on the track. Sure it shows you the racing line, but when playing against other drivers and trying to overtake you never really race on the racing line.

Project Cars - No Racing Lines
No Lines Allowed

Tip #2
Learn the track

Once you have switched off the driving line you will want to learn the track you are racing on, a good 10 minute practice session will give you plenty of time to get your own braking spots. Check for boards along the side before the corners, check for lines on the road, trees in the background. Get a marker of some kind to help you brake comfortably around the corners, once you have found that, try and eek out a bit more time, brake half a second afterwards and see how you go. Yes you might overshoot the corner but the next lap you will be around it like a motor racing genius!

Tip #3
Get your setup right.

So this sounds simple, you started the game up and chose novice, amateur or pro…now your straight into the game right? Wrong…there are so many other options to change your setup of your car. Play around with tyre pressures, brake balance all depending on your style of driving. Go into your car setup and everything has a nice little explanation of how each setting affects the car. Not getting enough grip into the corners…then drop your tyre pressures a bit, although not too much as this will make the tyres wear at a faster rate.

Project Cars - Setup
Get the right setup

Tip #4
Know your car

So now you have chosen a race to join, the room is filled with GT3 class. Yes the Mercedes is faster in a straight line than the McLaren, but the latter is better around the corners. Decide what kind of driver you are, try a few cars out and then find the one that you feel more comfortable with. Then remember that you need to warm your tyres up…don’t go too hard into the first corner with cold tyres…that will not end up well for you or the other drivers. Know your cars limits, don’t try and and push them further otherwise you will definitely end up in the gravel.

Tip #5
Turn on your rear view mirror…PLEASE!!

Now onto my personal gripe, turn on your mirror and pay attention to where other cars are. So many times have I had the inside line going into a corner and be sideswiped and taken out the race. This primarily refers to online racers as the AI is usually pretty fair around corners. Online however this changes, drivers are ignorant to other drives on the track, will purposefully dive into corners to use your car as a brake. Yes I know that rubbing is racing, and I can deal with a little nudge from behind just to let you know they are there, but when you get smashed off the track…its stupid. Keep a check on your rear mirror or press the button the check back, it doesn’t take a moment and it can prevent you taking yourself straight into the path of a faster car. This can ruin both your race and the other drivers.

Project Cars - Big accident
Something has gone terribly wrong

Hopefully by taking my 5 tips will allow you to get a bit more out of the game, its a racing simulator after all and without all the driving lines it gives you a better feeling of accomplishment when you place your car on the front row of the grid.

Good luck out there, and happy racing!

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