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Zombie Admin is an Indie Action Game from Hastily Assembled. This team has brought you titles such as Time Loop Traffic, A Hero’s Fudging Quest, Deadline of the dead and many other titles. I will be honest I haven’t heard of them or seen the other games they have done, however I am one for games with a Comedic twist.

Zombie Admin was released January 18th 2023 on Steam and isn’t a bad price at £3.39. Definitely love a good bargain!

So Zombie Admin is a Standalone game, and is the first of its own series, it features a charming top down point and shoot, Run and Gun style. I will go into that more below.

Here is the charming little Description for the game on steam: “It’s the zombie apocalypse, but you can’t miss a work day! Scavenge for weapons, survive… and don’t forget to restock the toner cartridges over at accounting. This humorous top-down shooter has you working your way up the corporate ladder, all the way to the rescue helicopter on the rooftop.” Sweet, simple and grabs attention with a hilarious niche.”

I looked into the game and the devs, I honestly feel are underrated or at least they should get more attention than they do.

Zombie Admin: Work, coffee, toilet, shoot zombies, repeat.

When I found out about this game, I absolutely loved the idea, as I mentioned above I enjoy comedic games and it ticked the boxes with the fun niche.


First up we can see straight off the bat it’s a top down run and gun game, always a fun style of game to play too. There aren’t any additional game modes, unless you include the local coop, I do love me some Coop and with Steam’s remote play together feature, makes it even easier. Very straight to the point with an explanation of what to do in the main menu. Drink Coffee to stay alive, Use the Bathroom to keep work speed up. And maybe no embarrassing accidents when you want to talk to the boss for that raise you want

Oh and you need to make sure you get the job done, you could be restocking the Toner, shredding documents or rebooting a Computer. When that’s all done you need to scoot on over to the elevator to start the next elevator… Oh yeah, shoot zombies too because they will be there and probably not doing as much work as you are. I knew Bob from accounting was slacking off!.

Zombie Admin starts nice and simple with a phone call from the boss. You remember seeing memes of a boss telling you to go to work regardless of circumstances? Well yeah, nothing new here.

There is a good few floors to work your way up. You can see a list of challenges for you to do while playing the level for the completionists out there.

On the Gameplay side of things, I can’t fault it. It just works and for the price, it’s pretty damn good.

A Telephone with a black background and a speech bubble from the character's boss saying "We know it's the zombie Apocalypse, but you have to come into work anyways".
The Boss is going to work me to death!

Graphics & Audio

The game runs perfectly fine and I didn’t notice any frame drops regardless of how many Zombies were on the screen. It would even probably work nicely on Android and iPhone too. *Hint, Hint devs ;)*

The cartoon styled texture looks brilliant for the type of game and the gore is always satisfying to see after someone finished off the coffee and didn’t put a fresh pot on AND didn’t even finish it so it’s gone stale.

The game’s sound gives you the perfect feel for walking around popping heads and processing cheques, And unjamming the printer again!. Music is sweet and somehow enhances the comedic element throughout the game. The gun sounds and the Zombie noises work and I haven’t heard any audio clipping or stuttering.

The playable character is stood in a grey office room with blood splattered all over the floor and they are staring at a cup of stale coffee.
I swear I will shoot the next person that takes all the coffee!


Each level has a timer of 2-5 minutes or so, after this enters overtime which is something to avoid for the additional tasks. Zombie Admin is short, but holds replay prospects which is not a bad thing at all when its fun.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s fun, it looks good, plays well, shoots well, drinks coffee well and Pee’s good. The only thing I can fault it on is it reminds me of the days when I worked in an office.

I have to give Zombie Admin the Thumb Culture Platinum award, for a small game it was fun and for the price it is an absolute steal. You can tell the effort went into it.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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