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Haptic vests are few and far between in the gaming world, and for others, they are primarily aimed at specific markets. The Woojer Vest Edge comes in to change that, but how does it improve your gaming experience? Lets read on to find out

Woojer go BRRRRRR

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Design & Comfort

Being a vest, the Woojer Vest Edge can only do so much with it’s design, especially to avoid becoming cumbersome to wear and uncomfortable. Woojer has hit the nail on the head with the design though. When you first open the box you are greeted with a fantastic experience. The box is premium and all of the innards all feel the same.

Once you get to the vest you are greeted with some nicely stitched straps that will let the Woojer Vest Edge grip your body for prime performance. You have a nice little control box that sits nicely and gives a nice overall look to the vest.

Look at the shiny shiny

Colour wise, the vest is predominantly black but with a goldy orange trim. It’s understated or at least understated as a haptic vest can be. Putting the vest on you slip both arms through as you would with any vest, then you have a strap around your waist that needs to be as tight as possible to allow the haptic areas to be in contact with your body. Then you have straps around the chest to make sure it’s nice, snug, and fitting correctly. Comfort-wise, whilst it isn’t uncomfortable, you certainly are aware that you are wearing the vest. As a sit down experience it does prevent you from sitting back fully on your chair, but then you do remember that you have these haptic motors on your back. Standing up is where the vest excels, you almost forget that you are wearing the vest when stood.

Compatibility & Connectivitiy

The connectivity of the Woojer Vest Edge is practically limitless. On the vest itself, on its little power button control panel, there are a number of sockets to use. So you have a power cable for charging, then you have a USB / Power socket for both connecting to a PC as well as charging. Finally 2 x 3.5mm jack sockets are present. These have the sound coming in as well as the sound going to your headphones.

Connectivity Masterclass

The Woojer Vest Edge acts as kind of a middle man. For example, playing on PS5 you would output from your controller via a 3.5mm jack cable into the woojer vest, and then from the vest you would use a wired headset and then hear your game sound. This is because the vest uses the sound queues from games to trigger the haptic feedback. This gives the vest is amazing connectivity options. It even has Bluetooth for connecting to a mobile device so you can even listen to your favourite songs whilst pretending you are front row at a concert.

On your controller you can also change the volume going to your headset, as well as the intensity of the haptic feedback. It really is something having an RPG fired directly at you as you have the vest to its fullest. Thanks Jason! Once you find the sweet spot for your setup the vest is a dream to use. Yes it would have been nice for a full wireless option, and there probably is if you want to get a bunch of third party accessories.

Gaming Experience

Let’s be honest, this is what you came to read. How does the vest actually function? Well in all honestly, it was brilliant. Playing a game like Call of Duty, you are feeling all the explosions going off nearby. Feeling your shots as you unload on an unsuspecting enemy was also a great addition. Now it’s not all great if you are like me and are a bit of a nervous gamer. Now I mean that if I am sneaking around trying to stalk my prey I get quite focused and can sometimes experience what can only be described as the shot jumps. The phenomenon of jumping out of your skin if someone shoots you from behind. Now, this is intensified if you are wearing the vest, to the point where I may have kneed the underside of my desk a few times.

Woojer branding

Being able to plug the vest into anything with a sound output means that whatever game you want to play will be compatible with the Woojer Vest Edge. Whereas other more specific haptic vests need to be programmed into the actual game themselves. This does though mean that the actual haptic sensation is more generic as opposed to particular. For example, if you are playing a sword fighting game on the vest edge and you get caught on the left side of your body, you are going to feel the feedback throughout the left side. Whereas if the vest was programmed into the game you would more likely experience the specific point of impact. Does this really matter all that much? Well not from my experience.

Final Thoughts

So overall, would I recommend the Woojer Vest Edge for improving your gaming immersion? Quite honestly yes. If you are looking to take your gaming to the next level, then a haptic vest is most definitely the way forward. Add to that the connectivity options and this vest becomes an ideal show piece of what haptics can do! The Woojer Vest Edge receives the Thumb Culture Gold Award

Pros & Cons

  • Connectivity Options
  • Premium Materials
  • Increases Game Immersion
  • Vest Cumbersome When Seated
  • Better If Totally Wireless

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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