Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection (Switch/PS4) Pre-order

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Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection (Switch/PS4) Pre-order. The legendary Wonder Boy game series has turned 35 and to celebrate this occasion.

The Wonder Boy Years

To offer true retro fans the most authentic experience possible, the Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection includes titles in various versions. Featuring six games in console ports from Arcade, Master System / Sega MARK III, Mega Drive / Genesis and more, the Anniversary Collection comes with a total of 21 different versions.

This extensive collection of Wonder Boy titles as a boxed version will only be available at Strictly Limited Games! This is a worldwide exclusive boxed release – there will not be any other physical release of equal completeness. Strictly Limited Games’ Japanese partner Bliss Brain will provide a digital version of this amazing collection – more on this will be announced at a later date.

The perfect blend of platforming and RPG action you can find throughout the Wonder Boy series has delighted generations of gamers and now, the Anniversary Collection combines the beloved adventures to a full package of Wonder Boy history. Also included are features like filter, shader, a rewind option, a save anytime option and more.

Also available is a highly limited Collector’s Edition with exclusive collectable items, including:

Awesome Collector’s Edition box

Acrylic Wonder Boy diorama

Best Of soundtrack

Beautiful artbook

Card game

Collector’s coin album

… and more. Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection (Switch/PS4) Pre-order

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