3 Things to Move F1 2017 From Good To Great

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Artificial Intelligence

The AI on the F1 2016 career was brilliant, drivers moving out of the way if you are lapping them. Allowing you through when you are on a fast lap in qualifying. Each driver seemed to have their own characteristics. Thankfully Maldonado wasn’t in the game! Move onto a custom online championship and every driver suddenly turns into a totally useless moron. You drive up the inside and overtake into a corner, and BANG you get sideswiped. Driving nice and slowly on the formation lap warming your tyres. BANG, the driver behind just decides that he wants to slam into your rear end. Don’t even think about settling for a mid grid start, that first corner with all these morons about turns into a destruction derby.

So what do Codemasters have to address? simple, just give us the same AI model as used in the solo career and give it to us in the online championships.

Also, more personal characteristics for the drivers would be fantastic. Having Verstappen being the brave and ballsy character that he is. Throwing his car into spaces that really he shouldn’t, keeping everyone on their toes around him. Every driver on the grid has their own driving style and this would be great to be emphasised on the game.

Create a Team

Now this I know is a pipedream, but being able to create your own team and go through a proper career, trying to get investors to put their hard earned cash behind your team. Choosing which engine manufacturer you are going to choose from. Deciding between a number of drivers to employ. Each of these things would be a great addition to the F1 game franchise.

Just imagine the Thumb Culture F1 team, taking to the track in their brightly coloured racing machine. Hiring a young eager driver and then trying to hire a more experienced driver like Massa, or Alonso. Then having to try and garner a relationship with the Mercedes team so that they give us their engines. It would be a fantastic experience.

F1 2017 - Silverstone Track Layout
Silverstone Track Layout

Classic Tracks

We all know that classic cars are making a return in F1 2017, but what about the tracks. The tracks that are now missing from the racing calendar. Who remembers the Valencia street circuit? How about Watkins Glen, coming off the calendar in 1980 it had a great combination of hairpins and fast corners.

Not have the taste for classic tracks? how about tracks with layout changes? We all know that Silverstone has had a layout change in recent years. What about the German GP at the Hockenheimring? The layout of this track was dramatically changed in 2002, much to the displeasure of drivers and fans.

There are so many classic tracks that could be brought back to the game, yes the new laser scanning technology used to get inch perfect tracks these days might not be able to be used. Im sure that Codemasters are good enough to bring us back some classic battles of yesteryear!

So there we have it, 3 things that I feel would move F1 2017 into a new age of F1 games.

What do you think F1 2017 could benefit from having? Do you have a favourite track that is missing from the current calendar? Let us know below.

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