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We recently received some low-price upgrades in the TC Office from Trust Gaming. We thought they might be perfect for someone looking to get set up whilst being mindful of the high cost of other products out there.

Low price doesn’t have to mean low features

Both of the following products come in at less than £30 RRP each and for the price they both pack some great features. Let’s dive into the features and see why you might want to pick them up.

Trust Gaming GXT 833 THADO

Coming in at less than £25 the GXT 833 Thado is a TKL keyboard. Giving this keyboard a smaller form factor and desktop presence if you are looking for that minimalistic look. At 20% smaller than standard-sized keyboards the Trust Gaming GXT 833 comes with a metal backplate so you are assured it holds firm even in the fiercest of battles.

image showing the keyboard with all of the RGB illuminated
RGB to match the best of class!

With nice tactile keys, you are assured when you hear that click that the key has been activated. Added the anti-ghosting feature making sure you can press up to 10 keys all at once. Although not sure why you would want to. With gaming mode activated this disables the Windows key meaning that you will never be pulled out of a battle if you accidentally hit it. Even after the battle, you can use the 12 multimedia keys across the top of the GXT 833. Giving you control over your music and videos.

Added RGB giving you multiple options to customise the look and aesthetic of the keyboard. Each key is backlit and whilst it doesn’t have the same options that a Razer keyboard might have. The RGB effects of the GXT 833 are nice. With each key backlit you can rest assured you will find a look that suits you.

metal backplate on the keyboard shows its study under force.
Metal backplate showing support

During the test period of the keyboard, there was really one thing that irked me. The black covering on the keys has started coming away and wearing down on the outside of the keys. Whilst I can forgive Trust Gaming as the keyboard is a budget price tag, it’s still a slight frustration.

Trust Gaming GXT 609 Zoxa

This set of 2.1 speakers comes in at just under £30 and with it brings RGB, a good soundscape as well as a minimalist form factor.

With 12w at peak power, they offer a decent amount of sound. With great highs and decent mids, these speakers will be perfect if you just want to have some background music, or even watch a film whilst on your PC. Granted they don’t have all the power of a more expensive set, but I believe when you are paying £30 for a set of desktop speakers, it’s to be expected.

the rgb adorning the speakers is both subtle and perfect on the black surround of the speakers.
RGB to full!

With easy-to-use control buttons giving you quick access to volume up and down and activating the RGB. With a number of different options, whether it is a solid colour, rainbow, or even a mode that imitates sound-reacting lights. It’s all there for you to pick from. Alternatively just turn them off, after all, the RGB has no bearing on the sound quality.

Being USB powered, the GXT 609 speakers are versatile and can connect to anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Meaning you could connect your console via the game controller and you are away. Even connecting your phone if you happen to have a headphone port still.

Final Thoughts

Overall both of these pieces of hardware are focused on the budget gamer. Someone who may not have the money for superior audio, or the best keyboard on the market. Being though this is the case, they both hit home runs in their respective categories. Bringing features that you might not have on other budget hardware. In particular, the Trust Gaming GXT 833 Thaso was super impressive, to the point where it has not become permanently plugged into one of the PCs here at TC HQ. I award the Trust Gaming Kit a Thumb Culture Silver Award.

Disclaimer: Samples were received in order to write this review.

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