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Edifier is a brand that we love here at Thumb Culture. They cover just about everything when it comes to audio. Whether you are a casual music listener, gamer or audiophile they have you covered. Today we are taking a look at the Edifier WH500 Wireless On-Ear Headphones.

A budget headset with a multitude of uses

The digital movement is quick, with working from home becoming the norm. Alongside this, we have inflation and the cost of living on the rise. As consumers, we need products that have more than one use and that don’t hurt our bank balance. Could the Edifier WH500 Wireless On-Ear Headphones off us this?


The Edifier WH500 has a sleek compact design that comes in three colourways. The team sent us the Black colourway to check out.  Its smooth yet extremely soft ear pads blend seamlessly with the design of the cups.

Stock images showing different sides of the WH500 headset
Clean design

The headband doesn’t feel the strongest, however, it is extremely robust. Making it perfect for commuting as well as use at home. Its weight and portability add vastly to this. With highlighted colour accents on the ear pads and band, it provides an almost sporty finish.

To ensure you get the most from this headset there is a button which can control/enhance the audio. So you can easily switch between gaming and listening to music without too much hassle.


Edifier has focused on the mobility of this particular headset. With that in mind, they have pushed for wireless connectivity. With the latest Bluetooth (5.2) they have created a device which can almost seamlessly switch between devices. With only a few seconds in it, you can be gaming on your Switch one moment and then if you receive a call you can switch over to your phone.

Picture of the WH500 showing dual connectivity
Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity

During my time using the Edifier WH500 I never had any connectivity issues. They are extremely easy to pair and as mentioned previously switching devices was done with ease.


The WH500 Wireless On-Ear Headphones can be used for gaming, listening to music and as a headset for taking calls. Can it perform in all three categories? Keep reading and we will go through each one.

Firstly, When it comes to music we want well-rounded equalised audio, not too bassy or too much override with the treble. Thanks to the equalizer application this could be tailored to the type of music listened to. Ensuring there was no bass distortion.

Secondly, I tested it for voice calls. Testing this with friends and family, they noticed a slight echo depending on the room you are in. But overall it performed just as well as any other headset at this price (or even slightly above). Not something that would deter me from purchasing.

Last but not least gaming, let’s face it that is probably what you are here for. I wasn’t expecting this headset to beat a £200 equivalent. But surprisingly it performed quite well. When pairing it with consoles such as the Nintendo Switch it was a perfect portable companion.

Personalise Your Experience

The one thing that can let down a good headset is the inability to adjust the sound output. Most people know what good sounds like, however, some people hear differently from others. This can have an impact on an experience with a product.

This image shows the Edifier Connect Application in action. Showing three different screenshots to show the user what can be used, gaming mode is an example.
Listen your way

Despite these being budget headphones, they are fully compatible with the Edifier Connect mobile app. Meaning you can customise your audio to not only your preferences but use the app to jump into a game mode for example.

Final Thoughts

The Edifier WH500 performed well, with its 30mm Composite Driver Units and compact design there is a lot to like at this price range. Also, let’s not forget that a 10-minute fast charge provides you with up to 6 extra hours. I could quite easily see this being used as a main headset for commuters or a trip away. I award the Edifier WH500 a Thumb Culture Gold Award.


Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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