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Trifox is a colorful new, original IP action-adventure game by Glowfish Interactive (Space Pirate Trainer). The twin-stick shooter and 3D platformer is being published by Big Sugar (Valfaris, Berserk Boy, Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual) and will be available for PC and consoles. The game releases today (14th October) on Switch, Xbox Seriese X|S and One, and PC via Steam/Epic. Trifox also plans to release on PS4 and PS5 at a later date.

Time to Get Foxy in Trifox!

One of the first games I remember playing on PlayStation 1 was Crash BandicootTrifox reminds me quite a lot of that game with it’s colorful aesthetic and witty character. It’s great when you find games that bring a nostalgic but fresh feeling. What games come to mind that you’ve run across that bring the same feelings, either from this type of genre or another? Be sure to let me know after you read up on how I found my time in Trifox.

Trifox Wilson
I found a friend!


Trifox keeps the story simple – baddies steal your TV remote and it’s up to you to chase them down and get it back! Along the adventure you’ll collect coins to unlock abilities across three different classes – Warrior, Mage, and Engineer. You can play each class exclusively or you can mix and match abilities as you please to fit your playstyle.

Gameplay in Trifox is fairly simple as well. As you pursue the baddies, you complete some movement based challenges as well as simple puzzles. At the end of each run you get a stat rundown on how it went. There are also hidden areas in each level to be found that may contain bonus coins or gems. Gems seem to be the completionist’s objective. For 100% completion of each level you must find all of the gems. From my playtime so far it may take me a few runs. Thankfully the levels can each be run again at your leisure and any coins you gather add to your total.

As far as the gameplay mechanics themselves go in Trifox, I did find myself overall enjoying how it plays. My only gripe was that I felt the movement was sluggish most of the time. This is in part because one of the primary abilities is for movement. It also is due to your character only running at a slightly faster pace when you’ve been moving in the same direction for a time. With this kind of game that doesn’t seem to come along very often due to either combat or jumping around. I personally would have rather seen the sprint speed be the base speed at all times.

I also really enjoy the how you can mix and match abilities in Trifox. Rather than being stuck with one class for the entire playthrough you can easily cherry pick your favourites. Of the abilities I’ve played around with thus far, none seem to be terribly more powerful than the others. The balance works out great and allows such flexibility not found in most similar games.

Trifox Class Skills
Though you can’t use all the skills at once, you can certainly unlock all of them if you choose.

Graphics & Audio

Trifox has a great aesthetic that fits well with the story and genre. The environments as well as the character models are bright and colourful. I think this is what brings me back to memories of Crash Bandicoot the most. The animations are also very well done. Gameplay is smooth throughout and I didn’t perceive any issues.

Most of my time with Trifox was on PC but I did also play around a bit with it on the Steam Deck. Graphics options include resolution, target framerate, and vsync in addition to other basic settings such as saturation and brightness. I was not expecting to find the framerate options in this style of game. Honestly , I can’t say that I could tell any difference when changing them around though. But that may just be because I’m getting old.

The audio throughout Trifox also lends to the witty aesthetic. Much like other games of the genre, chatter is unintelligible and in this case doesn’t even include some type of subtitle, it is more of a comical overtone. Sound effects for animations, attacks, etc. are also spot on.

Trifox Level Hub
Players choose which level to enter from the hub. You can play a level again simply be selecting it.


Trifox has several things going for it when it comes to longevity. First of all, you could spend countless hours just trying different different ability combinations across the three class trees. It also has four different difficulty settings – easy, normal, hard, and crazy. Crazy difficulty comes with a warning to the player about just how difficult the game will be. There are also a vast number of achievements, at least on Steam that I can see (46 to be exact), that will take some time collecting them all if you’re into that completionist stuff.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Trifox is hands-down one of the most fun games I’ve had the opportunity to play lately. I thoroughly enjoy the game’s atmosphere and mechanics. Though I’m not the best platformer player the game doesn’t make it feel extremely challenging or frustrating to complete. I’m hoping that the game will become Steam Deck verified so that I can take it with me when I’m away from my desk. If not though, I may just have to pick it up on the Switch. I feel this game is definitely deserving of the Thumb Culture Platinum Award!

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Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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