Transpose Review – Is It The 21st Century Tron?

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Well, here we are, 2019 and my first review of the year. I hope you all survived the festivities and are geared up for an exciting year for gaming.

Transpose is an immersive VR puzzle game brought to us by Toronto based developer Secret Location and is available on PSVR and Steam.  For the purpose of this review I am looking at the PSVR version.

The Power Is In Your Hands


Transpose is not just another PSVR game, it’s not a generic puzzle game either. Transpose really has you thinking outside the box a lot of the time. I found this game to be a lot of fun once I got past the tutorial. The tutorial feels mind-numbing and feels like it takes forever, however this is much-needed if you want to be any good at this game.

Transpose is all about bending time and gravity so you can manipulate it to complete the puzzle. Bracelets are invaluable. These give you an extra timeline. You don’t always need them all but depending how you go about the puzzles. 

Tron Feel To It

As I said bracelets will give you an extra timeline. A ghost of your former self if you like. You need to collect items to open the gate to the next area/world. For example, I collected an orb needed to open the gate to complete the world. I picked up the orb, turned around and my way back was impossible. Therefore I had to throw the orb across for my next timeline to come along and catch the orb while my previous ghost threw it to me.

Transpose is quite a difficult game to describe. It is however a refreshing change to have something totally new and not a generic re-wrapped and skinned game.

The Gate Is In Reach


As with the gameplay for Transpose. The graphics feel fresh and new. Secret Location have taken their time here and got things very right. I do get the feeling that there are some Tron inspired fans within their team, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Gravity And Time Are Yours To Alter


The audio and sound effects are perfect for this kind of game. I never once felt annoyed with any of the effects. The music is quite tranquil and relaxing so if you get stuck in an area this shouldn’t grind you down too much.

A Vast World


If you like a good puzzle game that will make you think but not frustrate you. Transpose is the way forward. There are 30+ levels to tackle. Graphically the game is pleasing and the audio will keep you grounded and relaxed. I had some minor tracking issues when i started playing, mainly when it came to throwing orbs. But I feel this was my setup and nothing to do with the game. I award TransposeThumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: We received a code to review this game.

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