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Combat Flight Sim, Tiny Combat Arena from publisher MicroProse is out now in early access on Steam.

“I feel the need… the need for speed!”

Developed by a lone developer and former modder Brian Hernandez (aka Why485), the game aims to focus on the fun factor of flight and air warfare. It takes off on Steam early access with a launch.

Striking A Balance

By offering a highly customizable experience the game caters for both casual and more hardcore players.  For those that just want an approachable jump in and play, settings can be disabled to meet these needs.  A deeper more engaging experience can also be achieved by fine-tuning these settings.

The game’s control schemes are also highly customisable, with a litany of input options and fully re-bindable controls. This level of management over the controls allows players to really tweak and hone the gameplay to their personal preferences.

The main focus of the early access period will be the “Arena Mode”, a large scale faction vs faction battle in which players take on AI to take control of the map. Combat is not limited to just dogfights as players and AI ground squadrons and vehicles battle it out to get a foothold in strategic locations across the map to aid the overall mission.

The title features realistic flight and combat physics with damage to your plane causing significant effects to the handling of your aircraft. The flight systems specifically have been designed to try to hit the sweet spot of realism and accessibility. The developer has tweaked things such that there are just enough simulation elements whilst removing complexity from the experience.

Check out its stylised graphics and excellently tuned audio in the early access trailer below.

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