Thrustmaster ESWAP X2 Review

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Are you looking to level up your gaming? Want to get a customisable pro controller that can help improve your skills? Well with the Thrustmaster ESWAP X2, you might just become the next big thing! We were lucky to get hands-on with this controller and let me tell you, it’s a game changer!

Customise Your Way

This latest controller from Thrustmaster has been my daily driver when it comes to PC controllers, and I cant wait to tell you about it… oh wait, I don’t have to wait anymore! LETS GO!


The design of the Thrustmaster ESWAP X2 is what set’s it apart from other controllers out there. Long gone are the days of “I prefer the Xbox sticks layout” or “my thumbs done stretch up that far” With the ESWAP X2 you can move them however you want. Yes, that’s right, its modular. I know you might be thinking, that’s all fine and well Stu, but what tools do I need. Well I would respond to you simply in a word, none. Each module and there are 3 are held in with incredibly strong magnets.

So just to be clear you cant move the face buttons, so that A, B, X and Y stay where they are. You can move both thumbsticks as well as the Dpad into whichever configuration you choose, although I’m not sure why you would want both thumbsticks on the left side of the controller. But I wont judge you if that’s your jam!

eswap controller in front of a illustration of a dragon
The Dragon means its going to be good!

Aside from that, on the face of the controller are the usual buttons you would find on a traditional Xbox controller. The menu button, the share button and the other one that nobody knows the name of, the VIEW button. Oh and the great big Xbox button!

Flip It Over

Turn the controller around and on its backside you have 4 buttons on the back, that as standard relate to the face buttons. Above those are a couple of little toggles, what these do is turn on the hair triggers. So slide it across and the left and right trigger become super responsive for those FPS battles!

Looking at the bottom of the controller, you have a number of little buttons where the headphone port is. These give you control over the microphone that would be plugged in as well as giving you the ability to map the read buttons and switch between two on board profiles.

the controller on a desk with all the modules removed, showing off the magnets within the sockets.
Socket and see!


The Thrustmaster ESWAP X2 is highly customisable, just looking on the Thrustmaster website there are a number of extras that you can purchase for the controller. From new stick modules and colour coordinating packs. Through to a racing wheel add-on, allowing you to have greater controller over your racing games.

Aside from being able to customise the different modules, you can use the ThrustmapperX software to dive into reaction curves of the thumbsticks as well as set up your profiles depending on what games you want to play.


Coming with an included USB-C cable that’s 3 meters in length, its officially compatible with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Windows. Which will come as no surprise as the controller has been designed for the Xbox.

a screenshot of the thrustmapperx software showing off the ability to switch buttons around and create profiles on the software
It’s profile creating time!


Without going into the minute details of the different features because let’s be honest, not many people want to know that the mechanical buttons used in the controller are 64% faster than traditional membrane based buttons. Or maybe you do?

Well some of the best features of the controller were covered in the design section. With the additional buttons on the read, the swappable modules among the ability to use the software app to edit profiles. Another main feature of the controller is the D Pad. This has been specifically designed through close collaboration with experts to ensure that you get the best fighting game experience that you could want with a controller.

Final Thoughts

Whilst pricy at £149.99 the Thrustmaster ESWAP X2 controller still is a great option if you are looking for a ‘pro’ controller. Whilst not being as expensive as maybe a Scuff controller, but in the realms of pricing of the Elite series of Xbox controllers. What this controller does offer is that extra bit of customisation that might be exactly what you want.

The Thrustmaster ESWAP X2 controller receives the Thumb Culture Platinum Award for Outstanding Hardware!

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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