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Recently The Sims For Rent event emerged to promote the new expansion. Offering players an extraordinary opportunity to meet the famous Landgraab family. This article recounts my experience participating in the event and delves into the new feature that allows players to become landlords within The Sims 4.

Lucrative Landgraab Landlord

Being a fan of The Sims, I eagerly requested to go when Stu mentioned an event in London to celebrate the new expansion release. The event for The sims for rent expansion , invited players to meet the iconic Landgraab family of the game in real life. Expecting an unforgettable experience, it was time to head to the event at a designated venue along with other fans. The atmosphere was electrifying, full of laughter and an Uncanny Valley vibe as it was held in what had been set up to be a real estate agent but was owned by the Landgraabs. You knew it wasn’t real, but many of us have been in an estate agent or at least walked past it. It was interesting to detach from reality and see the Landgraabs in real life but still have their Sims personalities.

Standing outside of The LandGraab & Son(s) realestate agent. A pop up store brought from the world of The Sims 4 into real life
Become a Landlord with a property from Landgraab & Sons

The event provided a unique opportunity to engage with fellow fans, discuss gameplay strategies, and share stories of our virtual sims’ adventures. Upon leaving, the event featured a fabulous tote bag containing a lovely TheSims notebook with the logo on and a free copy of the expansion, make yourself a sim photo session to capture memorable moments, and free drinks and pizza. Witnessing the strong sense of community developed around this virtual game was remarkable.

The Sims 4 Green Tote Bag, a yellow notebook with The Sims logo, a card for The Sims For Rent Expansion, and a Landgraab and son(s) brochure
Leaving Gift

Meeting the Landgraab Family in Real Life

#TheSimsForRent event also offered an extraordinary opportunity to meet the Landgraab family. Stepping into the room, I was greeted with warm smiles from Geoffrey and Nancy Landgrab, the esteemed couple from The Sims. With a wonderful “sul sul” which means Hello in Simlish. Geoffrey then proceeded to tell me about the business with himself and the family. With Johnny Zest, who is most definitely not a member of the family.

Nancy Landgraab dressed in a white top with orange dress pants, and brown high heels; Geoffrey Landgraab wearing a chequered pantern blue top and beige chinos, with brown dress shoes; Malcom Landgraab in a plain blue shirt and pinstripe dress trousers with brown dress shoes; and Johnny Zest Wearing a chequered blue blazer, green chinos, and brown dress shoes
Nancy, Geoffrey and Malcom Landgraab with Johnny Zest

Meeting the Landgrab family in person was surreal. Being in the presence of characters I had been controlling and guiding within the game felt utterly remarkable. Geoffrey would often dance and then suddenly need to pee all while making Simlike expressions. Nancy continuously expressed how wealthy she was, that her family always embarrassed her and exclaimed that she had no idea who Johnny  Zest was. Malcolm would continuously tell you that he isn’t evil while informing you of how to exploit tenants. Then we have Johnny Zest, who was forever the jokester, though his jokes were always in Simlish so only his family would laugh. Their witty banter and gracious nature made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Geoffrey Landgraab dancing, then needing to pee and proceeding to say "I need to go", and then leaves.
Imagine if real life was like this

Becoming a Landlord in The Sims

Beyond the event, the developers of The Sims introduced a  new feature that allowed players to become landlords within the game. This revolutionary addition expanded the possibilities and realism of gameplay, further blurring the lines between virtuality and reality. Becoming a landlord in The Sims breathed new life into the already-immersive gameplay. Players can now purchase properties, build rental apartments, and manage multiple tenants. The responsibilities of a landlord involve meeting the demands of tenants, addressing maintenance requests, and ensuring a steady stream of income.

The dynamics of being a landlord in The Sims introduce various exciting gameplay elements. Decisions regarding rent, property upgrades, and handling difficult tenants impact the virtual landlord’s gameplay and financial stability. This new addition offers a fresh perspective for long-time players, creating a unique strategy-driven experience. Moreover, the interactions with the Landgraab family during the #TheSimsForRent event also carry over to the in-game landlord experience. This creates an exciting opportunity for players to develop further relationships and engage with their favourite characters on a whole new level.

PC monitor showing a tenancy agreement within The Sims For Rent Expansion of The Sims 4
65 Simoleons a day; what’s the exchange rate?


#TheSimsForRent event provided a remarkable opportunity to meet the Landgraab family in person and introduce the landlord feature. Combining the thrill of real-life interactions with the virtual immersive experience of The Sims. Yhis event marked a significant milestone in the franchise’s evolution. Participating in this event and becoming a landlord in the game opened up a new realm of excitement, creativity, and possibilities within The Sims for rent expansion.

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