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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the latest title from the minds of Sumo Digital and Gun Interactive. The game is now available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as on PC. It follows on from Gun Interactives and Illfronic’s hit Friday the 13th.

May The Odds Be NOT in your favour

I must admit that I was a huge fan of Friday The 13th Game. Every night, you could find me either lurking around Camp Crystal Lake to hunt down unsuspecting victims or trying to find petrol as a camp counsellor to make my escape. So when The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was announced I was hyped to get that feeling back, with another beloved franchise.

A dark basement, with a door that has been unlocked leading to a set of stairs. Connie who is one of the Victims slowly sneaks towards the stairs through the dark.
Connie sneaks her way attempting to escape the basement


When playing this survival horror game with an asymmetric setup, as the Victim, your starting point is the basement where you’ll find yourself trapped on a meat hook. Fear not, for you can make your escape by first locating an unlock tool to open the basement door. Avoiding the Sawyer family and trying to make as little noise as possible. I was not expecting to start the game injured, although it makes sense, that you are bleeding and this alone can result in your death. It really feels that as a victim the odds are not in your favour. To escape you will need health potions, all your skills and a bit of luck. Get away from the family before you end up at the mercy of Leatherface.

Unlike in other horror movie-based games where only one player takes on the role of the villain, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre allows three players to collaborate as the notorious Sawyer family. Together, they hunt down and eliminate their four captive victims who are attempting to flee. The captives include skilled lock-picker Connie and enemy-stunner Leland, while the Sawyer family members possess unique abilities such as trap-setting and poisoning. Regardless of the outcome, players earn XP for upgrades after each round.

The character screen for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this shows the stats for Connie. The stats include Toughness, Endurance, Strength, Profeciancy and Stealth. It shows the characters level and the current XP. A picture of Connie is to the right of the stats window.
The stats screen for Connie shows her stats.


There are three playable maps based on iconic locations, each with day and night variants.

The Family House – Home of the canabilistic family, survive Leatherface’s iconic basement. Open fields mean plenty of room to hide.

The Gas Station – The iconic Gas station, where they first meet Cook. Hide behind cars and sneak between buildings.

The Slaughter House – Small rooms which truly give the family

A Map of The Slaughter House from Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Slaughter House Map – Credit goes to Gun Interactive


To simplify things, there is a tutorial section with video tutorials that explain each character’s special ability and how to escape. An example of the unique abilities of family members.

  • Leatherface can break down barricades
  • Hitchhiker can turn car batteries and generators into traps.
  • Julie possesses an incredible ability known as “The Ultimate Escape” The family cannot detect her when it’s activated and her energy drain is reduced, allowing her to run further.
  • Ana possesses the ability “Pain Is Nothing” which reduces damage taken, applies when jumping out of windows, and grants temporary poison immunity.

Skills and Levelling

One of the game’s highlights is its skill system, which gives each character their own unique levels and abilities. These skills are crucial, as they help you earn character points and become more stealthy. However, the game’s biggest drawback is the lack of a single-player mode. It would have been a fantastic addition if it had been included earlier, as was the case with Friday the 13th.

Graphics & Audio

The visual appeal and ambience of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a flawless match. The twisted pathways, dark and narrow passages, dilapidated vehicles, and gory farming tools create an immersive experience that transports players into the film. The character models in the game are particularly impressive, especially those of the Family. They move seamlessly and their executions when a player is killed are a standout feature of the graphics. The executions are both savage and inventive, which will delight fans of the films.

The Farmhouse in the background with a member of the family chasing Connie up a dirt track.
Connie tries her best to escape whilst being chased by a family member.

The game’s music draws inspiration from the original movie and employs eerie droning tones to create an immersive atmosphere that builds tension. The voice acting, particularly from the Family characters, is exceptional and adds to the overall experience. I was also impressed by the high-quality audio in the game, which exceeded my expectations.

In this game, sound plays an important role in gameplay. It is necessary for opening doors, crafting items, and avoiding meat hooks. Crouching is the preferred method, but it presents its own challenges. Players must balance their speed and noise level to overcome various obstacles, such as caged chickens, hanging noise makers, and Grandfather Sawyer, who has a sharp sense of hearing.


At present, the levelling system in the game only allows each character to advance up to a maximum of level 10. Once this milestone is achieved, players will have earned 29 skill points that they can distribute as they see fit. Based on current estimates, it takes around 20 hours of gameplay to reach this point for all characters. In terms of replay value, the longevity of the game is largely dependent on the player’s enjoyment of it. However, it is worth noting that the game does have a limited number of maps and a relatively fast level cap. As such, it may be beneficial for the game to receive DLC releases. Expanding its content and providing players with more opportunities for exploration and advancement.

The ingame Lobby showing the family members aswell as 3 of the 4 victims. Highlighted is Leatherface with his chainsaw from the movie.
The Game Lobby requires all player slots full and Leatherface has to be part of the family team

Final Thoughts

From my perspective, when it comes to providing an engaging and thrilling experience, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre didn’t quite meet my expectations. While the game’s graphics and audio are impressive, I believe that the balance of the game is not quite up to par. This may be attributed to the 4 vs 3 gameplay approach. Personally, I did not experience the same level of fear that I had when being pursued by Jason Voorhees.

However, I believe that with some adjustments to the gameplay, the game could become even more engaging and enjoyable for players. It is for this reason that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is awarded the Thumb Culture Silver Award

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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  1. I was a bit on the fence about getting this but like you I did enjoy Friday the 13th and really want to give this a go. I think after reading this I’ll take the plunge 🙂

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