The Return of Perfect Dark

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At The Game Awards last night we got a glimpse of a ‘Rare’ treat, a new Perfect Dark game.  Perfect Dark was a game released on N64 in 2000 and developed by Rare.  Yes, the same Rare that did Goldeneye 007Perfect Dark took the Goldeneye 007 formula and refined it to become its spiritual successor.  Even though it didn’t reach the popularity of Goldeneye 007, it became a classic in its own right.  Perfect Dark was a revolution back in the day because it had a female lead character, which was a rare thing indeed.

“Good Day, Miss Dark”

The second and final new game (until now) for the series was Perfect Dark Zero which was released exclusively on the Xbox 360 in 2005.

It is unclear whether this is a remake or a soft reboot, one can only assume.  But, we do know that it is the first project of Microsoft’s studio The Initiative.  The Initiative is a who’s who when it comes to staff.  With ex-staff from Crystal Dynamics, Sony Santa Monica, Insomniac, and more, with this kind of pedigree, it has given us high expectations with them claiming it to be an ‘AAA’ game.

Since the reveal, previous developers Rare have said in a tweet “We’re very impressed by everything we’ve seen so far, and we hope you’re all equally excited for Jo’s return.”  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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