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Since the launch of sleeper hit Until Dawn, Supermassive Games have been consistently delivering standalone cinematic horror games under the banner of The Dark Pictures Anthology. The Devil In Me is the latest release in the series and the final game of Season 1 (Man Of Medan/Little Hope/House Of Ashes).

The Dark Pictures Anthology is set to feature 8 games, split across 2 seasons with season 1 also available in 2 physical volumes (Vol.1 – PS4, Vol 2. PS4 &PS5).

“I was born with The Devil In Me” – H.H. Holmes

Reviewed here on PS5 the game is also available on PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Steam.

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The game is based around the true story of infamous serial killer H.H. Holmes – Americas first serial killer. A team of five documentary makers are looking to finish their current season with a bang in order to get their series renewed for a new season.

H.H Holmes

When an invite arrives to visit a remote island with a faithful recreation of H.H. Holmes Hotel, they feel this is their ticket to creating that killer season finale they are so desperately craving. Blinded by desire they happily agree to part with their phones upon being picked up by limousine for the trip to the island.

They soon find out that everything is not as it seems at this mysterious location.


If you’ve played Until Dawn or any of the other Dark Pictures games then this will feel very familiar. Explore environments looking for clues to unearth the truth behind the story. Build/break relationships with the other characters and live by your decisions that ultimately decide who lives and who dies.


New to this game (compared to previous entries) is the ability to run, jump, push/pull objects. The cast of five characters also have a mini inventory and come with some unique items for exploring, solving puzzles, using as weapons etc. Some of these items can even be given to other characters which may just save their lives – so choose wisely.

There’s a clear inspiration from the Saw series of movies here and also the feel of some of the more classic horror films. The antagonist is calm and calculated in his hunt to take out the crew. This slow approach to his pursuit makes him feel even more menacing.

Visuals & Audio

Immediately noticeable from the beginning of the game is that this game looks much better in dark scenes. The daytime scenes don’t live up to the excellent eerie, sinister mood and atmosphere of the dark environments. Character designs are really well realised with each having a very unique presence and style. They are all brilliantly voiced and acted with Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones) being instantly recognisable in his portrayal of  Charlie.

It’s clear that a lot of work and passion was put into the environment designs with the varied hotel spaces in particular being a real stand out. The lightening throughout paired with the fact that characters have to use their own items for light adds such atmosphere and tension. A particular favourite of mine was cameraman Mark having to use the flash from his camera to be able to navigate. This really added to the foreboding feel as you slowly explore.

they’re not real! they’re not real!

Like any good horror movie the sound really heightens the experience and the same goes here. Both sound effects and score are implemented superbly.


For the most part the game runs really smoothly, but there are a few graphical anomalies with some reflections and lighting. The main gripe I could highlight with the game is a loading progress bar at bottom of the screen between scenes. While this loading is relatively quick, it does pull you out of the experience slightly. I feel removal of this bar would lend to a more immersive experience.


The longest game so far in The Dark Pictures Anthology there’s around 8 hours to play through. Pair this with multiple endings and alternate ways things can pan out depending on your actions and choices.

This game cries out for subsequent runs through the story to uncover everything.

Can you find everything?

There’s also the option to play multiplayer with two distinct modes available – Movie Night or Shared Story.

  • Movie Night – up to 5 player couch co-op, pass the controller mode with each player assigned a different character
  • Shared Story – play the story online with a friend (invite from your friends list), where your choices effect you both

For trophy hunters the game has 31 trophies to aim for – 9 bronze, 17 silver, 4 gold and a platinum. To earn them all requires multiple playthroughs.

Final Thoughts

Despite some little quirks in presentation, the dev team have managed to bring the familiar feel of other games in The Dark Pictures Anthology along with some nice new gameplay features.

The Devil In Me delivers an intriguing and chilling story, with a great cast of characters and some really top notch acting. The excellently crafted environments and perfect sound design really set the mood for this atmospheric horror. When you start to unravel this story it will have you hooked. Can you save everyone?

I am delighted to award this game the Thumb Culture Gold Award.


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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