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Super Bomberman R 2 by Konami is the latest release in the Bomberman games. A sequel to the 2017 Super Bomberman R, it is available on all formats.

Ready, Steady, Bomb!

6 years on, would this new Bomberman title still bring its historic charm to the gaming world? Let’s take a look!

screenshot showing a clip from the story whereby bomberman called White is stating that he needs to round the squad up to investigate the evil Black Moon character.The graphics are colourful with white standing in front arms crossed with a white helmet with a rectangular cut out for his peach face. Black eyes and elaborate black eyebrows stick out while his hands and bobble on his helmet are pink circles. Behind is the inside of the white space ship with green dials and purple outlines detailing the seat and console. A yellow frame can be seen with outer space in purple with stars shining through
This is the crux of the story.


Super Bomberman R 2 provides both a single-player story mode as well as a single & multiplayer local or online battle mode. My main experiences of Bomberman games growing up have always been the legendary 4 player arena battles. I was happy to see that they were still a feature.

When first playing the game you jump into the story mode where you meet the main character, White, along with their 7 other Bomberman friends. The cut scene is very long and arduous as it is very slowly revealed that a baddie called Black Moon is attacking planets.

The characters’ dialogues each portray their personalities however it comes across very slowly and the over-the-top speech wears you down after a while. You just want to get on and play the game!

screenshot of the space map whereby you choose which planet to goto for the main story. The screen is purple with 1 unlocked planet called Fultiva present. The others are shaded out. Above is a screenshot of a vibrant temple-like area giving you an indication to the world theme. It is made up of green ferns and brown columns, almost aztec. The window to the right shows the number of areas there are to explore.
Lets a go!

When you finally enter the world you find that it is down to your to freely roam around the area while blowing up blocks in your path using your traditional bomb drop-and-run technique. Some blocks give you XP which gradually builds and helps you level up.

While your movement speed, number of bombs and the length of flame that a bomb produces start with low stats, it is not long before you are levelling up and increasing them. While this has always been fun, especially in arenas, it sadly does not work very well in the story mode.

screenshot showing white surrounded by blue ellons. The terrain is predominantly a flat brown sand with grey columns of stone in a grid. In between columns are stones that you can explode to find jewels and coin tokens, shown in the picture. A mini map is top right while bomberman's stats are shown at the bottom middle.
The Ellons are a pain at times.


While exploring the world you discover little blue aliens called Ellons. The idea is that you blow up the block that they are trapped in, thus rescuing them. The Ellon then follows you around as you look for more. Ellons are used to unlock the next sector on the planet as well as power up tech such as teleporters for fast travel. You can only have a maximum of 5 Ellons following you around at one time and are paramount to advancing the world.

The issue you have is that while leveling up your Bomberman, the stats increase automatically. The one stat that always keeps you on your toes in the arena is the flame distance. In story mode, this game mechanic sadly fails miserably. Should you deploy a bomb and run back to avoid the blast, the poor Ellons run in a line behind you. While they congregate to you when you stop, they are very easily blown up by the blast.

screenshot similar to the previous whereby white is running and the blue Ellons are running behind in a long line.
Follow my leader, leader, leader, follow my leader!

When an Ellon dies, you lose the ability to unlock the next area if you do not have enough of them. This means that you need to wander around trying to find more. Sometimes it involves going into previous sectors and searching there. It makes the gameplay awfully tedious at times as your progression gets stifled.

Castle Mode

Introduced in the story is the new Castle mode. Simply put, you are whisked away to a huge arena where you need to defend your treasure against waves of enemy, all set against a time limit. This time you have more control as this is in effect your base. The more of the story you complete, the more items such as barriers and weapons you have at your disposal. In a tower defense style play, you can design your base and keep adding to it, hopefully making better improvements and preventing the enemy from succeeding.

screenshot showing castle mode. the landscape is made up of a pink floor with darker pink rocks around the south and west. To the north and east is a raised green area. Nestled between there are 3 treasure chests that are being defended by White. There are brown round boulders to destroy as well as 7 AI bombermen dropping black bombs with flames coming from the top. 2 black and red explosions have cascaded through the screen from bomb explosions.
Castle Mode is a strange affair of attack or defend. Colourful though!

Alternatively, you can choose to raid an enemy base at certain points on the world. Here you and your Bomberman colleagues race to steal the treasure. Weirdly though, you don’t appear to be on the same team, and should they get to the treasure before you then you are penalised.

Online Modes

Getting to the online warfare there are several modes to test your bombing skills.

There is, of course, the aforementioned Castle, this time with a maximum of 16 players taking on the roles of attackers and defenders. Battle 64, is, unsurprisingly, a 64-player battle royal whereby you play through several arenas in order to be the last Bomberman standing. Grand Prix mode is 3v3 PvP that features a couple of rulesets; Basic Bomber and a mode where you need to gather the most Crystals. Finally, there is my favourite mode, Standard! Here upto 16 players fight to be the overall winner as either a team or an individual player.

screenshot showing gem mode. it is a small rectangular arena with purple floors on the left and right and a raised green tiled area in the middle. Yellow gems lay on the ground to be collected and there are 6 bomberman taking part. The score at the top reads blue 14, red 4.
Gem mode. Basically hold the most gems when the timer runs out.

There are plenty of game modes but an annoyance is that they are locked in a timed rota. Therefore you can only play them online when they are available. Failing that you can create a Private room or even play offline.

You have full customisation over your Bomberman and you can unlock further items such as characters and outfits all the way to poses, music, and icons from the in-game shop. No extra monetary transactions are needed here!

screenshot showing one of the bomber-womans? stats. There name is Pink and she is in the middle of the screen. To the left is a character selection chart while to the right there are her abilities.
Trust the lady bomber to have the best stats!

Lastly, you can design your own arenas for use either in graded online matches or for private room action. The sky is the limit as you generate your own dastardly matches.

Graphics & Audio

Super Bomberman R 2 has no issues with graphics on the PC version. All of the Bomberman characters, as well as the arenas, are colourful and vibrant. The animations are smooth and without any judder despite all the chaos that ensues.

The cutscenes are annoyingly long, while the audio in those sections are a little bit silly. I get that you want to captivate the audience but they really begin to drag on.

The audio, other than the voice acting, is fun. I really enjoyed the arcade feel of the soundtrack. The rapidness of it goes very well with the gameplay.

screenshot showing one of the shop categories; character. There are 18 characters shown on this screen, ranging from humans to animals and what looks like a red tomato with eyes.
In the shop you can buy new characters.


For me, I played Super Bomberman R 2 in short stints. the story mode can be frustrating due to the constant setbacks. You can’t play your favourite online mode if it’s not currently being played at the time that you are gaming. Ok, you can go private or offline but it takes the fun out of it a bit if your friends aren’t all around and you want to compete against human players.

screenshot showing the winning team. We won 30-17 in the Gems game mode. White stands proudly in the middle with a blue and yellow bomberman standing wither side. They look jubliant. Behind is a dark blue and purple cityscape and red and yellow curtains across the top.
Yay I won one!

Final Thoughts

Does the Bomberman game mechanic work in an open-world environment? I didn’t feel that it did quite frankly. The Castle mode was just pure chaos as well. I think I am getting old as I really only enjoyed the traditional battle modes. Perhaps it was the nostalgia or the fact that I prefer to play as myself and without a team.

At £44.99 on the Steam store, you would need to be a die-hard Bomberman fanatic to buy the game at this price for the experience it offers. Sorry Konami, stick to the original game mechanics for this franchise.

I give Super Bomberman R 2 a Thumb Culture Bronze Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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