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Published by Red Deer Games Sport & Fun: Swimming is one of the latest family fun fitness titles to hit the Nintendo Switch eShop. Released on the 3rd of February and is currently on sale at a massive 90% at the time of writing this article.

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

So join me as I jump into the swim lanes to see if Sport & Fun: Swimming sinks or swims. Let’s hope it is the latter.


I honestly had no idea what to expect when it came to Sport & Fun: Swimming. It was safe to say I was going in blind. I had not seen anything surrounding this title, whether that be via email campaigns or by the press sites. I have no idea if this is because I didn’t go looking for it, or because it just hasn’t been talked about.

Sport & Fun: Swimming swimming in the pool with ducksfloats!
Hey rubber ducky!

Sport & Fun: Swimming is an easy-to-play fitness title that can fit into everyday life. The idea behind the game is that you have your own swim lane and you quite simply swim up it. Using various swimming techniques you use your joy-cons to mimic a somewhat real-life movement. Ultimately ending the game either at your desired length or if you complete in-game challenges.

Within Sport & Fun: Swimming you have free swim options where you can just keep on going and clocking up how far you have travelled. You can keep track of this in-game and see how well you are doing. Alternatively, there is a challenge mode where you can swim the Atlantic Ocean for example. It isn’t a game about pushing yourself, it is all about gentle exercise. You can either go solo or play with friends or family, but be careful not to swim to fast, otherwise you get told off.

Graphics & Audio

Sport & Fun: Swimming has a fun and cute art style which will appeal to just about everyone. It’s a joyous feel within both the UI/UX and the assets used to create a friendly gaming environment. Due to this, it’s a perfect little title for 3-year-olds plus, to learn some swimming movements at an early age.

Sport & Fun: Swimming swimming in the river with a dog and the cat characters
Swimming with the alternative characters (and a crab)

When it comes to audio we have a very uplifting and upbeat backing track. Its fun undertones will keep young children amused with its happy activity-based gaming. Alongside the main soundtrack of the Sport & Fun: Swimming there is also swimming sound effects. Believe it or not, they do add to the game, I tested this out by muting the game completely to listen to music alongside. Although this worked, it created a barrier and felt like you weren’t in tune with what is happening in the game.


Personally, I don’t feel that Sport & Fun: Swimming has the longevity I would expect from it at full price. In theory, it has unlimited gameplay. However, how long that gameplay keeps you captured is another level.

Sport & Fun: Swimming in game swimming in the pool
Practicing the back stroke in the pool!

Having said that, I think younger gamers could have quite a bit of fun. Either challenging their parents or just having a ball swimming with friends and burning off the Skittles they have just devoured.

Final Thoughts

Sport & Fun: Swimming has been developed with love and does have a polished feel. For those who like a story, I think it would be a hard pass. Unfortunately, as there isn’t enough depth (no pun intended) it won’t keep you at the screen for long. As mentioned above it feels like a title that you have installed and it either forms part of a gaming fitness routine. Or, the mini gamers of the household use it for some competition and burn off some energy. I award Sport & Fun: Swimming a Thumb Culture Bronze Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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2 thoughts on “Sport & Fun: Swimming – Switch Review

  1. A few weeks after release it is already on sale at £1.90.
    Whether that is because the game is awful or not I dont know, but probably worth a buy just to add something new to your workout.

    1. Hey Ashley! I hope all is well! Dan here, I did think this myself. But unfortunately, it still doesn’t hit that mark for me. It doesn’t really feel like a workout for adults as if you “swim” too fast you are advised to slow down.

      It isn’t a poorly developed title at all. It is possible that there are gamers out there who it might click with and that’s the beauty of gaming. Some titles are for some and not others. If you do end up picking it up it would be awesome to hear back from you.

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