SoundPEATS Clear Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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Black Friday 2023 is upon us and the floodgates for epic festive season spending are well and truly open. With a litany of options for gifts and stocking fillers it’s difficult to know if offers are too good to be true. Well I’ve got one Black Friday gem that is very much a steal in the form of the SoundPEATS Clear Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

SoundPEATS Clear – Exceptional Performance That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Currently this set of earbuds can be had on Amazon for a 30% discount in the UK or 25% discount in Europe. That’s under £30/€30. Now I hear you say… “Surely these buds cannot be good at this price”… Well let me enlighten you young Padawan!

SoundPEATS Clear


The set I put through their paces was a white and see-through colour variant (known just as “White”). They feature a futuristic look and a premium quality finish to them. They also come in a Black colour variant too.

What really surprised me when opening them first was the quality of the charging case. It is sturdy and its smooth rounded design is perfect for popping comfortably into a pocket. The flip top hinge of the case feels really well designed and durable to stand the test of time. It also closes with a very satisfying click and won’t pop open unintentionally.

The buds themselves have a nice contrasting finish to them with the main body of the bud in a matt white and the lugs in a clear see-through finish that allows the internal electronics to be seen. They are really light weight at just 4.2g per bud. When combined with the charging case the total is just 40g.

a white and see-through earbud showing in a graphic of the curvature of an ear. The left of the image shows 3 earbud tip sizes shown vertically with Large, Meduim and Small from top to bottom
Custom Fit

Included in the box are 2 extra sets of changeable ear tips in small and large along with the default installed medium size. This allows for a custom fit to suit your needs. They are very easy to remove and replace making it a simple task to try each for comfort.


Getting the SoundPEATS Clear earbuds connected to my Google Pixel 6 was a breeze thanks to them featuring Bluetooth 5.3 technology. Remove the earbuds from the charging case, turn on the Bluetooth on the phone and select them from the pairing menu. Simple

The USB-C charging port on the case is very welcome meaning it’s on par with my other devices and I only need to take a single cable when travelling.

left and right earbuds with battery life percentage displayed above each
simple app with great features

One thing that could be improved upon is advertisement on the package of the availability of the SoundPEATS app. The app has some nice features including showing the battery percentage remaining in each bud, some EQ tools for customised audio tweaking, and the ability to update the firmware of the earbuds. Other settings are available from here including the ability to turn off all touch controls completely and also to enable the built in Game Mode with the flick of a switch.


The impressive stuff doesn’t end with just the design, as in the performance stakes the SoundPEATS Clear do a really excellent job. The Dual Mic setup delivers exceptional clarity for audio calls which I was very impressed with. The 12mm dynamic drivers output a broad soundscape that handles podcasts, music and movies with some nice detail. The audio quality felt rich across the range of different content I enjoyed on the earbuds.

Operating the earbuds is done through smart touch controls. While there is a bit of learning involved it is quite straightforward. Commands are performed with single, double or triple taps, or press and hold gestures. Certain commands are tied to either the left or the right bud exclusively. As mentioned above for those who find the touch controls too fiddly then they can be disabled completely from the app. In my experience these commands worked quite well with the touch controls being aptly responsive.

A list of commands for the touch controls of the SoundPeats Clear earbuds
smart touch controls

While I don’t play games on my phone there is a 90ms low latency Game Mode available. A nice bonus for those who opt to use these for some gaming.

Operation wise the earbuds delivered around 6 to 7 hrs of operation on a single charge. Pair this with the extended charges of the charging case and you are looking at 40 hrs before you have to plug back in. Speaking of the charging case the slots for each earbud are magnetic so they jump neatly into the correct position when you are storing them away.

Final Thoughts

The SoundPEATS Clear earbuds punch well above their weight offering exceptional performance on the audio front. They also deliver beefy battery life thanks to their included charging case.  Many will be pleasantly surprised by not only the performance but also the build quality for this price point.

With an appealing design that feels premium and really nice in ear comfort these are definitely a nice pickup. Don’t miss this hidden gem when trying to bag some real bang for your buck this festive season. Wrapped in a nice Christmas bow these easily take home the Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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