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Recently through the Thumb Culture door came the Snakebyte PRO range of products, this included a keyboard, mouse and a nice mouse pad, apparently all designed for the pro gamer. Now whilst I am definitely not a pro gamer, I thought it would be poignant to take each of these products for a ride in the day to day working that goes on in my office. Including some graphics design, video editing as well as general internet stuff and a splattering of gaming here and there. Let’s dive into the snake pit and take a look at the products.

Snakebyte Key:Board PRO

With mechanical feel keys this keyboard definitely gives a satisfying click to your key presses, although when you are typing a document out this clicking can be a little annoying, but eventually you get desensitised to the sound and can carry on as normal. Add to that the aluminium faceplate that gives this keyboard a bit of heft you know you are using an incredibly durable product. Extra durability can be gained by the braided USB cable that connects to your PC.

Just feeling the construction and the weight you know this is a well designed product and it probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that its made by a German company. With RGB lighting with 9 different modes all activated with a quick press and hold of the Fn key followed by one of the numbers 1-9 and you can change the lighting depending on time of day and also your mood. Feeling a bit blue? Well hit that Fn and 8 key a few times. Alternatively change it to a nice pulsing multicolour effect by using the 2 key.

In terms of use, this keyboard was delivered with a German layout so there are a few keys that were in the wrong place, and even labelled in German. Thankfully with the amount of keyboard usage I have had over the years this wasn’t a problem.

Its hard to review a keyboard because at the end of the day all you want in a keyboard is that you press the button and the relevant action or character shows up on screen and to all intent this keyboard does just that. There are no funky macro keys, but this keyboard doesn’t need them.

Snakebyte Game:Mouse Pro

Onto the mouse in this product range, and its a funky looking squeaker. With a professional optical sensor with four different DPI settings interchangeable with the press of a button you can get the sensitivity that is optimised for the activity that you are carrying out. Ranging from 800 to 4000 you get a wide range of movement with this mouse. Personally I found that leaving it on the second setting of 1600 was perfect for the majority of actions. However, when moving into some graphic design and video editing where you need a little bit more accuracy, hitting that button on the top of the mouse, ironically labelled with a running man logo, and you can pick your points with increased accuracy.

Moving onto the buttons, on this mouse you get seven buttons on the mouse, however, only five of these are used for commands. You get the standard mouse buttons you would get normally, plus an added two buttons where your thumb lies. The remaining two buttons are the aforementioned DPI setting button as well as the RGB colour button. Pressing this will go through seven different colours so that you can coordinate these to your outfit for the day or even to match your keyboard colours.

Once again you don’t have to worry about durability as this mouse feels the part, its quite weighty and once again has a braided cable for connecting to your PC.

Using this mouse in a gaming session is a joy, its responsive, accurate and with enough buttons to be able to assign a spare one to reload or crouch and you will be gaming like a pro in no time.


With both the keyboard and the mouse, Snakebyte have done away with any kind of software to get them setup, instead its quite simply plug and play with these.

Snakebyte Mouse:Pad Pro

How on earth do you review a mouse pad! Well I am going to try my damn hardest!

Coming in with a length of 80cm, Snakebyte have created a monster. Its big enough for me to put the keyboard on one end and hold a summer disco at the other. Its huge! Add to that Snakebyte have adorned it with a low friction surface to allow your mouse to glide over with ease. Keeping it in place is a rubber back holding it firm to the desk.

Now whilst I can appreciate that a large oversized mouse pad like this is not for everyones desk space. Fortunately with a large desk it sits quite well in front of my PC monitor. Is it any good I hear you ask…well its kind of hard to say. I mean it does the job its designed for incredibly well, after all it is a mouse pad.

So there you have it, the Pro setup from Snakebyte giving you a complete setup of well made, functional and durable products that will last you for hours and hours. Yes, it might be frustrating for some people not having macro keys, or a whole bank of 65 bazillion colours on the RGB spectrum, but all of those things are nice to have. When you step back and look at this for what it is, it’s a brilliant setup. One that will be a permanent set up in the Thumb Culture office. The Snakebyte Pro setup gets a Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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