Skull And Bones Misses March Release

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Skull and Bones has suffered its SIXTH delay since it was announced in 2017.

Time To Walk The Plank

Ubisoft has announced that their open-world action-adventure title Skull and Bones has been delayed again. The announcement that has come with the delay has indicated the new release window of the 2023 fiscal year (April 2023 / March 2024) release date.

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Skull And Bones

Ubisoft has recently had a Dev stream showing more of the game and includes some conversations regarding the game. It is possible that the delay is only a month or two, however, you would have thought if they were confident of that then why not say so? The press release states

Players will be able to discover the beauty of Skull and Bones in the upcoming beta phase. The additional time has already paid off and brought impressive improvements to its quality, which has been confirmed by recent playtests. We believe players will be positively surprised by its evolution. We have decided to postpone its release in order to have more time to showcase a much more polished and balanced experience and to build awareness. Skull and Bones will now be released early 2023-24.

If the delay is to polish it and deliver a better gameplay experience the press release says then it is welcome news. We would all prefer games to release in fantastic quality rather than be subject to bad reviews. It is now up to Ubisoft to deliver on that promise.

Have a look at the latest DevStream from January 13th.

Skull and Bones is set to launch on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. The Console release is for XBox Series S/X and Playstation 5.

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