Sally Face Limited Edition Release

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Psychological Horror smash hit Sally Face is getting a limited edition physical release on Nintendo Switch.

Better Be Quick

In a joint announcement by Super Rare Games and Portable Moose, they confirmed several special editions will be available to purchase from 10 March at 6pm (GMT).

Standard, Steelbook and Collectors Editions

Sally Face for the first time will receive a physical edition release on Nintendo Switch and the team at Super Rare Game confirmed that fans will be spoilt for choice with the options available. These limited edition runs will only be available via

Limited Edition Contents

The following special limited run versions will also be available, so get in quick to secure one!

  • 3,000 Standard Editions – All the current content on its cart, a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and trading cards.
  • 500 SteelBook Editions –  Includes both the Standard and SteelBook editions of the game plus a postcard, and a slipcover.
  • 1,500 Collector’s Editions – Release includes all contents of both Standard and SteelBook editions of the game along with an embroidered patch, a Super Gear Boy pin, a soundtrack CD, 6 polaroid photos, and an A3 poster.
Limited Collectors Edition

About Sally Face

This psychological horror game follows Sal, a young boy with a prosthetic face. As he attempts to solve a mystery surrounding a string of strange murders on the outskirts of his small town. With your handheld video game system that’s modified to talk to the dead, can you crack the case?

You follow Sal’s unsettling move into an apartment filled with strange tenants and a crime scene. You will discover bizarre characters, from Sal to his companions, to ghosts, phones and the strange residents of the apartment.

Sally Face has unique hand-drawn art style combined with a chilling soundtrack aiming to give you an experience unlike any other! It is inspired by 90s cartoons and your own nightmares.

Handcrafted by a solo dev. Everything you’ll experience in Sally Face from the artwork to design and music is the handiwork of Steve Gabry. Even down to the sick guitar riffs!

All editions will go on sale at 6pm (GMT) on March 10th and will ship shortly afterwards.

In the meantime checkout the trailer below:

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