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Recently I got approached to review the Sades Axe RGB Gaming Mouse, and what kind of PC Master Race gamer would I be if I turned down the opportunity to get to grips with this piece of kit.

So here we are, approximately a month after receiving the mouse and putting it through all kinds of tests, from general gaming to competitive gaming, and even just some day to day working in the office.


The Sades Axe Gaming Mouse comes with a whole host of brilliant features. Including the following.

  • Detachable Weight
  • 5 Extra Buttons
  • Esports Mouse Design
  • DPI Shift Button
  • RGB Illumination.

Now I know you are thinking “What does this all mean?” or even “Why should I care?” and in general I would have to agree with you, all of this is just fluff, it’s all just words unless it actually does something worthwhile when you are using the mouse. Let’s take a look at what these features help you with when it comes to actually making use of the mouse.

Sades Axe Gaming Mouse - Detachable Weight
Slimming World Edition

Detachable Weight

Now if you are like me and enjoy some weight behind your mouse, then these detachable weights are brilliant. It allows you to be able to customise the feel of the mouse and to help when you are gliding across your mouse mat. Being able to feel the weight behind the mouse is brilliant, and helps with those snapshots when the going gets tough.

5 Extra Buttons

When it comes to actually playing games, the Sades Axe Gaming Mouse has these lovely extra buttons adorning its left-hand side. What these allow you to do is to map these to any other button on the keyboard, even allowing you to map them to a macro should you wish. For example, I make use of a short keypad when I am gaming, so having these extra buttons is great to map against any key that I might have to use that would usually be on the right-hand side of the keyboard.


The mouse is comfortable. What more is there to say when it comes to the design. I mean you don’t want to be using a mouse that doesn’t fit your hand perfectly. Now granted other users of the Sades Axe Gaming Mouse might not necessarily agree with the comfort, but then we are all different shapes and sizes when it comes to our hands.

DPI Shift Button

What this button does is allow on the fly changes of DPI (Dots Per Inch) control whilst using the Sades Axe Gaming Mouse. Generally, if you find that sweet spot you won’t usually have to change this setting all that often, but who knows, you might want to quickly switch from 300-800 in an instant.

RGB Illumination

Because who doesn’t love fashing lights whilst playing your favourite games…right?

Sades Axe Gaming Mouse - RGB Illumination

In Action

So all that aside, what is the Sades Axe Gaming Mouse actually like to use. A delight!

I could end the review right here, but what fun would that be. The mouse is great to use, it’s on the budget side of the market, and it’s obvious when it comes to the construction materials used its very plastic, but that doesn’t detract from the features that are on board this little powerhouse. Pushing aside my Razer Naga Trinity to do the playtest, I still haven’t put the Razer back into action, and to be honest, im not sure I will.

Using the mouse in both gaming and general computer navigation is brilliant, it honestly is one of the best gaming mice that I have used, and I have used quite a few. The buttons are responsive and are in perfect positions for my style of mouse grabbing, granted depending on whether you use a claw, crab, full palm, or whatever method you use, you might find your experience different, but if you are in the market for a new mouse then you really should give the Sades Axe Gaming Mouse a try.

In conclusion, the Sades Axe Gaming Mouse rocks the competitions with its RGB illumination and sleek lines added with its extra buttons you are really on for a winner.

Sades Axe Gaming Mouse - Whats In The Box!
Even the box is slick!

For more information and if you are interested in purchasing the Sades Axe Gaming Mouse, check it out on Amazon here (This is not an affiliate link, and has been provided directly from the PR Team)

The Sades Axe Gaming Mouse receives the Thumb Culture Gold Hardware Award

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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