SADES A6 Gaming Headset Review

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As a huge lover of all things tech and peripherals, I was really excited to have the chance to review the SADES A6 PC Gaming Headset. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, so I was immediately intrigued by the bright black and orange styling of the packaging. On unboxing, I was pleased to discover the vibrancy of the outer design reflected well in the actual headset itself.

SADES A6 PC Gaming Headset

Design and comfort

The SADES A6 has a sleek, bold-orange and black style of design with an extremely lightweight feel at only 344g. This is something I instantly liked; a personal gripe about headsets is being able to feel their weight on my head and more specifically, the sensation of pressure I often get around my ears.

The SADES A6 PC gaming headset offers a refreshing alternative to this, providing a real sense of comfort whilst genuinely managing to feel gentle on the ears and head.

Flexibility matters too, and I’m pleased to say that the SADES A6 performs really well in that category, with pivoting, soft-cushioned leatherette 40mm diameter ear cups and a barely-there silicone microphone. The inclusion of glowing-orange RGB light elements on the ear cups and microphone end also adds a nice touch to the gamer-centric design of the headset.

SADES A6 PC Gaming Headset

Here’s a somewhat niche but pertinent point about this headset; I have curly hair. Like, long, curly, crazy hair. As a result, I spend a lot of my time with it piled up on top of my head a bun, so to find a headset that actually allows room for my hair dramas is a breath of fresh air.

The SADES A6 has a pair of bendable rubber elastic wires at the top which, frame the lightweight leather suspension headband. This allowed me to adjust the headset to accommodate both my hairstyle and my level of comfort. This may seem like a minor point, but as a female gamer, it’s a huge bonus!

I also really liked the fact the controller wire comes equipped with a silicone tightening belt, which meant I could adjust the length of the 2.2-metre cord to my liking, and secure the rest so that I didn’t have to have a length of loose wire trailing all around my desk.

SADES A6 PC Gaming Headset

I found I was able to play ESO for an extended period of time without experiencing any sense of overheating on the ears or any strain on my head either. It’s no exaggeration to say that the SADES A6 PC gaming headset is easily one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever tried.

The only real drawback to my experience with it was the fact that the microphone couldn’t be removed or retracted, which got a bit annoying after a few attempts to drink my third or fourth brew of the day! Still, this is a minor personal sticking point in what is otherwise a truly comfortable gaming headset.

Sound and microphone

The SADES A6 PC gaming headset has a USB 7.1 input, making it PC-specific and not adaptable to use with a console controller. Having never used a USB headset before I was keen to discover if there was any noticeable effect on sound quality. The enclosed operation manual encouraged me to download the driver from the SADES website, but my experience was pretty much plugging and play, with strong results without needing the driver download.

The mic is lightweight enough to almost forget it’s there, which I liked, however, I’d have preferred it if it had been retractable or removable, as I don’t tend to use a mic that often when I’m playing PC games. However, it’s really easy to mute the mic entirely thanks to the attached in-line audio controller on the headset’s wire. This built-in remote also allows you to control the headphone with ease. 

SADES A6 PC Gaming Headset

However, this was a new one on me, and I found myself reaching up to adjust the volume on the actual ear cup a few times! Once you get used to it though, it’s a really cool feature. You can also turn the RGB light mode on and off with this controller, which I thought was a great option, as not everyone’s as much of a fan of RGB elements as I am.

Sound quality in-game was very good and once I’d tested out the microphone I was equally impressed with the clarity and depth of the audio. I was able to make out environmental noises in full virtual surround sound and my voice could be heard clearly during voice chat, without too much background noise being picked up.

SADES A6 PC Gaming Headset


Overall, I was really impressed with the SADES A6 PC Gaming Headset. It’s a much more lightweight and comfortable headset than any others I’ve used so far, and at an incredibly reasonable price point for anyone who wants to enhance their PC gaming setup without breaking the bank.

For casual gaming, online voice chat and listening to music and videos, the SADES A6 provides a fantastically affordable option to those wanting to take their PC audio experience up a level.  

While it may not be the most powerful headset on the market, with its sleek design and high-quality audio results, the SADES A6 PC Gaming Headset is well worth a Thumb Culture Gold Award. 

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