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Keyboards generally all look roughly the same right? Black keys, on a black chassis, all pretty standard. Well, the Roccat Magma has been released and it’s looking to shake up the keyboard market. Well in terms of the aesthetics, read on to find out whether this keyboard stands up to some of the more expensive boards out there.

Magma, Lava, Lights, HOT!

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As said above, the Roccat Magma is looking to shape up the current boards on the market. It’s easy to see why as soon as you get a grip of the box. The RGB on this keyboard is *chefs kiss*. I instantly fell in love with the looks. It might be too much for some, but for me, I just love the outrageous look this keyboard has. With 5 zones of LED lighting, you can customise it any way you want. Even using the Swarm software you can choose any random selection of the 16.8 million colours available to you.

Those colours are a joy to the eyes *

So the keys, are of a membrane construction with silent keys so you get none of that clickety-clack of the keys. They are responsive and never felt like my key presses were being missed or ghosted. It’s full-sized so you get the number pad included, which for some that prefer the TKL form factor it might be too big for them. I have to admit to preferring the TKL layout, however, there was something about this keyboard. Turning on the PC and seeing the keyboard light up the room is always a joy to see.

For comfort there is a detachable palm rest that sits there nicely, giving support to your wrists, and ensuring you don’t get any fatigue when playing for long sessions, or even using it throughout your working day.

Using the Roccat Magma for gaming is a great keyboard. I have used it solidly for the past couple of weeks playing all manner of games and it’s been super reliable. Then the EasyShift button giving the second wave of controls to buttons that are within easy reach. For example, playing Rainbow Six Siege you would use Q and E as lean, however, press the EasyShift button and you can quite easily map these to your gadgets. It definitely helps if you aren’t as dextrous as you sometimes need to be for competitive shooters.

Rest your wrists *


Quite simply, plug it in. USB 2.0 is the story of this keyboard. So even if you have an older motherboard without a USB 3.0 port, the Roccat Magma will still be an ideal choice of the keyboard for you! Using the Roccat Swarm software you get a nice array of customisable options. From switching around the key assignments to giving sound effects when you type. Having a sci-fi sound effect when you type can be quite enjoyable if you are a slow typer, but if you, like me can type at anything above 50 words a minute you are just greeted with noise. Not really sure why you would turn this feature on. Writing this sentence with the typewriter effect just sounds like a pack of microwave popcorn popping. Turn Off!

All in all, the Roccat Magma is a great keyboard. It’s silent, accurate, and the RGB just blows me away every time I turn on my PC!

The Roccat Magma receives the Thumb Culture Gold Award

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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