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Rising Lords is a captivating strategy game that immerses players in the medieval world, to create and govern their feudal settlements. Developed by Argonwood and published by Deck 13 and Whisper Games. This indie gem offers a refreshing take on the genre, with its intriguing blend of turn-based strategy, resource management, and political diplomacy. With its charming visuals, engrossing gameplay mechanics, and attention to detail, Rising Lords proves to be a standout title. That will captivate both strategy enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Rising Lords rises to the challenge of being the next great strategy game

Rise,  Strategy Lords Have you heard about Rising Lords? This game is bound to keep you interested with its unique blend of turn-based strategy and resource management. Set in a medieval world filled with peril and opportunities, you must make tough decisions to rise to power. What makes this game truly exhilarating is its open-ended gameplay, allowing you to shape your destiny. Don’t just take our word for it though – share your thoughts below! We want to hear your opinion on what makes Rising Lords such an exciting and addictive experience! Comment now and let the conversation begin!


Rising Lords revolves around turn-based strategy and resource management. Players must carefully plan and execute their strategies to progress economically, militarily, and politically. To flourish, productive industries must be established, farms must be tended, and goods must be traded. These mechanics create a realistic dynamic that keeps you constantly engaged. The game will warn you before you end your turn to remind you if you have resources such as horses but don’t have a field set up for them they will die.
The game’s combat system is equally compelling. You’ll need to assemble and command your armies, taking into account factors such as unit types, morale, and terrain advantages. Battles are resolved in a turn-based manner, adding an element of tactical decision-making and satisfaction to each encounter. Though there is the option for AI to resolve your battles, there are certain battles you must fight manually. The biggest problem you face when fighting others is that you have no idea of your opponent’s team unless you build a watch tower, but this is quite costly.
Rising Lords selection of whether to do a manual battle or chose the Ai to do it with imagery of a battle on one hand and a confused soldier on the other
Lords in the 21st century can choose AI battles
The story mode focuses on the life of Young Tankred after seeing his father die at battle he wants to find out where the people came from and what caused it. Tankered is not solely driven by power and conquest but also strives to protect his homeland from external threats. He believes in justice and fairness and remains loyal to his allies until the end. You have many choices put to you throughout your time playing as him and each will add a little difference to the path you chose to take. Your mother Lady Ava will often let you know if you do something she does not approve of.

The player will encounter other ambitious lords striving for dominance. They will need to make choices that may impact the fate of their house, such as whether to forge alliances, wage war, or engage in subterfuge to undermine their rivals. These decisions will shape the course of the game and determine the ultimate outcome. The primary goal is to guide the player’s house to success, from a minor noble struggling for recognition to the top of the feudal hierarchy.

Storybook from the story mode of Rising Lords. To the left is an image of Tankred with his family at the dinner table, the left is the written lore
Pass the salt me lord

Graphics & Audio

From the moment you enter the game, Rising Lords’ charming hand-drawn art style grabs your attention. The intricate details in the characters, buildings, and landscapes breathe life into a meticulously crafted medieval world. Each turn feels like a step into a beautifully illustrated history book, enhancing the overall experience and immersing players in this feudal society. Whether you are in the game itself looking at the world map with its different seasons and weather patterns, seeing different pieces on the map moving. Look at the amazing drawings when you are shown new story elements or even the details of the loading screens and start menu.

Rising Lords Loading Screen showing a Lord that you can customise their look gender and different items that affect their standing in the world
Doesn’t this Lord look great

One of Rising Lord’s strengths is its intuitive user interface (UI) that seamlessly integrates with the gameplay mechanics. The menus are visually appealing and easy to navigate, allowing for smooth and efficient management of resources and actions.

The atmospheric soundtrack of Rising Lords successfully complements the game’s medieval theme. The score is soothing, yet rousing, adapting to the pace of the gameplay and contributing to the overall immersive experience. The well-crafted sound effects heighten each action, whether it be the cheers of people when your town is flourishing or the sounds of rebellion when your people are unhappy.


Rising Lords also offers a multiplayer mode, pitting players against each other in fierce battles and diplomatic struggles. The multiplayer option adds tremendous replay value to the game, as it allows for strategic competition. Be creative with the map builder option; use scenarios for you to play whichever way you want. Start the game as strong as possible so it is easy to crush your enemies or go for a mode with permadeath on. Try challenge mode which puts you on an island, your main focus being to grow your army and survive as long as possible, there is a high score section which may keep you wanting to beat your high score.
Map Editor in Rising Lords, showing different building types and environments such as mountains, castlw
Rising Lords Map Editor

Final Thoughts

Rising Lords is a standout strategy game that effortlessly captures the essence of medieval feudalism. Though some first-timers may find it a bit too hard as it doesn’t hand hold the tutorial alone may not be enough for some. The captivating visuals, intricate gameplay mechanics, and compelling political diplomacy make for a rich and immersive experience. They say fortune favours the bold, and in Rising Lords, your fate as a feudal lord lies in your hands. Will you rise to the challenge and conquer this medieval world?

Overall  Rising Lords is awarded the Thumb Culture Silver Award

Thumbs up on a silver back ground with Thumb Culture Silver Award written around

Disclaimer: A code was received to write this review.

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