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Play Before Release – Deadwater Saloon. The wild west Tycoon game. CreativeForge Games kindly invites you to pre-play Deadwater Saloon. To ensure the best possible experience, starting today you can play the game before its release on Steam.

Get Off Your Horse And …Build A Saloon

You can record, stream and instantly share the footage, so be the first to immerse yourself in the world of the wild west as a saloon owner in a volatile frontier town.


Playing as a wealthy and dynamic character in the old west, you’ll be able to fully customize your attributes to suit your play styles, such as Mixology, Seduction and Viciousness.

Your role will be to provide travellers with exceptional service – you’ll need to quench the thirst of travellers as well as provide attractions for the regulars. Interact with the townspeople, make friends with blacksmiths, sheriffs and preachers, romance potential partners or blackmail, kidnap and murder those who threaten you. The west was wild after all.

Taming That Wild Frontier

Enlarge real estate, build brothels, compose new liquors and hire not only bartenders but also cooks, pianists and prostitutes. Face the forces of nature, meddlesome customers, firebrand Preachers, rival outlaw gangs, and much more. Play Before Release – Deadwater Saloon. At some point, you will be tested by a stronger and more formidable nemesis in a long chain of events. Whatever you choose, you will face the consequences of your choices. A wild frontier is an unforgiving place.

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