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noblechairs seem pretty unstoppable when it comes to their range of chairs and the franchises they work with. We have seen an abundance of epic designs come from them recently, our personal favourite being the Star Wars collabs.

This Time It’s Personal!

Now you can get your own logo or design printed on your chair. For content creators, outlets, offices and everyone else, you can see your design come to life on a noblechair. Whether that be a pre-designed logo or graphics designed by yourself.

Personalise Your Play

Techforge (The in-house custom and bespoke team at Overclockers UK) are bringing a whole new level of customisation that hasn’t been seen at this level. Especially not to this quality! You can officially now make your noblechairs gaming chair truly yours! There are select models available from the EPIC, ICON and HERO ranges.

The printing techniques used, ensure the images are robust and incredibly durable. So there is no need to worry that when cleaning your chair it will disappear.

The costs are as follows:

  • £ 29.99 back of the headrest
  • £99. 99 back of chair
  • £129.9 8 back of headrest and chair

For further information and what is required from your image please head on over to the Personalise Your Play page at Overclockers UK.

We think this is pretty awesome, but the question is what would you design to have fused onto a noblechairs? Let us know in the comments below!

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