Twitter Account – What Happened And What Will Happen Next?

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Ok ok ok….. so we had a slight issue with our @thumb_culture Twitter account and it is now gone. We can only apologise for this issue from the bottom of our hearts. Therefore we’ve had to create a new Twitter account, so for now we’re using @CulturedThumb, so if you followed us on our old account (or would like to follow the new account) please head on over to to drop us a follow on the new account.

So what are the benefits of following us on Twitter? Read below to find out!

  • We hold polls for fun – For example, how do you pronounce SNES? S.N.E.S or SuhNEZ?
  • This is where we share all of our news and reviews there so if you want to know when we have new content, you can follow on Twitter and turn on notifications.
  • We announce the giveaways that we hold via our other social media platforms, including Twitter.
  • You can generally join in with replies to our Tweets.
  • We also announce some news on our social media platforms such as when we’re looking for new writers.

They are just some reasons to follow us! Come on over, follow @CulturedThumb and let’s have some fun.


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