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Having loved Roccat mice as well as my current Logitech Lightspeed, I was more than happy to take a look at Endgame Gear’s wireless entity, the OP1we.

With Endgame Gear already recognised as a great gaming peripheral manufacturer, I was yet to actually have experience with them..until now.

photo of the white endgame gear gaming mouse with the camera looking at an angle towards it. The white of the mouse is contrasted by the black middle wheel on top and 2 side buttons. The endgame gear logo can be seen on the side as well. The mouse is bathed in purple light.
Smooth operator!

Lighter Than Air

Before I started to massively hone in on gaming hardware, I really was not that bothered by the quality of a mouse. I still have fond memories of wrecking the office staff over the LAN at lunch breaks on Call of Duty United Offensive. My trusty cheap wired Dell mouse never let me down. Now, more than ever I see how much of a difference style, finish and weight can make. How gamers have evolved!


Similar to most of the Endgame Gear mice, the OP1we comes in either white or black. In the box, it comes with a slinky 1.8m USB shoelace-like rope cable featuring a USB A plug at one end and a USB-C at the other. Not only does the cable serve to charge the wireless mouse, but it also allows you to plug in the included converter for the USB A 2.4GHz dongle.

The OP1we is ridiculously light, weighing in at 58.5g. In comparison, my other mice are 130g for the Roccat Kone Aimo and 114g for the G502 Lightspeed. As you can imagine, it took me a lot of getting used to at first!

The mouse is made of plastic and features a dry grip coating which actually does seem to aid your hand when moving the mouse about. The mouse slides on small Teflon skates, ensuring a smooth gliding action.

photo of the white endgame gear gaming mouse with the camera looking side on to it. The white of the mouse is contrasted by the black middle wheel on top and 2 side buttons. The endgame gear logo can be seen on the side as well. The mouse is bathed in an eerie green light.
The arch of the mouse is very comfortable.

Hey, Good Looking!

The style of the OP1we is very sleek and low profile at 37.2mm high, however, there is a slender arch to provide stability for your palm. At 118.2mm long and 60.5mm wide, large hands are thankfully welcome. While the OP1we has been designed for right-handed gamers with a claw grip, the button layout is simplistic and easy to navigate your fingers around. There are 5 buttons on the mouse, with 2 on the side and 3 on top including the centre wheel. While it is a world apart from my other mice in terms of the number of buttons, I could appreciate how the button placement provided great functionality. No chance of hitting the wrong buttons in the heat of the moment!

Clickety Click

The tech used for the buttons are next-generation Kailh GO Optical switches. With a bit of research, it was not long before I could see why Endgame Gear was raving about them on their website. They make switches for use in other high-end peripheral manufacturers including Logitech and Corsair. I was quite surprised that they were not mechanical switches, as they certainly had the feel of them and a lovely short travel.

All-Seeing Optical Eye

Endgame Gear has chosen to use PXI’s PAW3370 sensor when it comes to motion detection. With 1000Hz polling, every mouse movement is said to be accurately tracked when both wireless and of course, wired. Needless to say, a whole host of mouse settings such as the aforementioned polling rate as well as debounce time can be tweaked using the WE Series Configuration Software.

photo of the white endgame gear gaming mouse on its side with the camera looking at the black underside of it. The white skates that the mouse glides on can be seen. 1 at the front and 3 at the back. The mouse is bathed in red light.
Up close and personal.

The Flip Over

Finally on the underside of the EP1we are the on/off slide button and the DPI selector. Although Endgame Gear has kept the mouse looking minimalistic on the top, I do feel that putting the DPI selector button on the bottom is not the best place for it. For anyone who likes to alter their DPI on the fly, particularly when playing an FPS and wanting to snipe, you just can’t do it.

The battery capacity is 335 mAH, providing 7 days of life. With no RGB lights in sight, the gaming mouse does seem to go on forever without the needless battery drain of lighting. Sorry, I get that RGB is cool, and I do like it, however, I always feel it is a little pointless on a mouse as it spends most of your gaming time covered up.

photo of the white endgame gear gaming mouse with the camera looking from above down onto the top of it. A blue light swamps and shows off its smooth contours.
I’m blue dabadee dabadaa. Check out the smooth contours.

Performance Time

In action, the OP1we gaming mouse was very fast across the mouse pad and the button actuation seemed precise. I had some wonderful gaming sessions on Call of Duty and Fortnite as well as some chilled affairs on Minecraft with the littlun. While short gaming sessions were great fun, I did find that over longer times my palm was sweating against the coating of the mouse. I did not suffer any cramping though, which is something I have suffered with in the past with low-profile mice. Clearly, the shape and curvature of the mouse have been well-designed.

The WE Series Configuration Software was easy to use, especially for assigning buttons however I still couldn’t get over the DPI button being on the underside of the mouse. That said the OP1we does have great customisation in that you can open it up and change the switches and skates as well as add skins.

Final Thoughts

Overall for £72.99, the Endgame Gear OP1we gaming mouse performs very well. While the weight for me is very light, the customisation options allow you to really make this mouse your own. Perhaps if I put a skin on then I wouldn’t have the palm sweating issue?

The Endgame Gear OP1we Gaming Mouse scores a Thumb Culture Gold Award!

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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