Nitro Concepts X1000 Gaming Chair: Transformers Decepticon Edition Review

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With the forthcoming release of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts only a month away, Nitro Concepts have brought out a range of officially licensed Transformers Nitro Concepts X1000 gaming chairs.

There are 3 variations to choose between. From a very bold blue, red and black Optimus Prime chair; an Autobots Edition primarily in black, with red accents and a silver stitched decal of Optimus Prime; and finally a Decepticons Edition that is also in black with purple accents and a decal as before with Megatron.

Come on, Decepticon punk!

I have been fortunate to have been sent a Decepticons Edition to review. Let’s see how it looks and feels up close and personal!

picture showing the wrapped up contents of the box on the floor. a small brown cardboard box is at the forefront with the plastic wrapped seat and base behind.
The contents of the box, ready to be assembled!

Design & Build

Arriving in a fairly large cardboard box, I could not wait to open it up and check out all of the contents. The parts arrived well-packaged in bubble wrap and protective sheeting. Quite simply you have the base, seat, and back along with a box that contains the nylon castors, ram mechanics and bolts. I was happy to find that there was a tool included, therefore there was no delaying the build by needlessly scrambling to the shed!

picture showing a hand holding the plastic box that contains the silver bolts required for the assembly of the gaming chair along with the included allen key tool. In the background is the wrapped chair back.
Given that we were having a freak hail storm, I was very pleased that the required tool was included!

The instructions, printed on a very fancy glossy page, were simple to understand and included easy-to-follow images for the step-by-step build process.

Everything was quite methodical, the 5 nylon castors pushed into the base, the ram sat in the hole and then it was onto screwing the 4 allen key bolts to the underneath of the PU leather-covered seat. So far, so good.

picture showing the side of the chair focussing on the black metal bracket that holds the seat back to the base. 2 silver bolts are in situ.
The metal frame and sturdy fixings ensure that the back of the chair is firmly secured.

Once the seat was sat firmly on the ram, it was time to line up the back of the steel-framed chair with the 2 hinges that would allow it to recline. Once more there were 4 allen key bolts to screw in. Finally to cover the hinges up were 2 pieces of plastic. Although these each just required a single screw to hold them in place, it was probably the trickiest part of the build! I eventually got there with a bit of perseverance. The build took less than 30 minutes.

picture showing the constructed gaming chair beside a gaming desk. A purple glow is coming from the pc and desk.
The X1000 Nitro Concepts Decepticon Gaming Chair in all its glory. Excuse the desk contents, my wife likes to take over at times!

Cold Foam?

From a design aspect, the X1000 Transformers chair utilises cold foam for the padding. “Cold foam” is a type of foam that has air pockets throughout its structure to allow the material to spring back. In other words, it shouldn’t deform for a very long time and it will retain its structure and integrity.

Does it Transform?

Sadly, as much as I tried to invoke the Decepticons chair I did not find myself inside a cool Cybertronian jet. I did however find that the chair reclines from 90-125 degrees, the 3D armrests indeed move in 3 directions using nifty buttons built into each arm, and that the chair can rock upto 14 degrees. Oh, and it also goes up and down. Bonus!

The largest Transformer operator it can handle is 135kg while the chair itself weighs in at 24.7kg.

picture showing the word "Transformers" in purple stitching written down the side of the black gaming chair seat back.
I love the striking purple stitching on the black PU leather.


When it comes to style, the Decepticons Edition gaming chair certainly stands out. While the black offers a subtleness, should you not want the bright Optimus Prime version, the purple stitched accents and wording along with the silver outline of both Megatron and the Decepticons logo give the chair a premium finish. Yes, there is no vinyl to be seen here.

The chair is certainly a head-turner!

picture showing the rear of the black gaming chair with a large stitched silver Decepticon logo in the middle. Below it is the outline of the word "Transformers" along with purple lines above and below.
The Decepticons logo on the rear of the gaming chair looks awesome!

Comfort & Performance

While it is lovely to have a Transformers-endorsed product, does the Nitro Concepts X1000 actually perform to a standard that allows you to have a long gaming session?

Upon first sitting in the gaming chair I was amazed with how sturdy and supportive the chair felt. Having had a fabric and foam chair for several years, the racing seat design certainly felt different. While the seat felt initially hard, it did help maintain a good posture, with the middle part of the back preventing me from slouching.

The PU leather-coated armrests took a bit of adjusting so that they lined up with my gaming desk. It is good to have a number of ways to alter them other than simply just up and down. My previous chair could sit further into my desk than the X1000, despite being able to move the armrests forwards and backwards. It didn’t really hinder me overall, it just took some time to adapt to the new position.

picture showing the top section of the seat back with the logo "Nitro Concepts" on the headrest in white, silver and purple. Further down the chair you can see the silver stitched outline decal of Megatron as well as more purple accents.
Megatron has your back!

If I could have had one more feature, it would have been nice if the arms could have swung down and out of the way to enable me to sit at my desk and practice my guitar. But hey, this is a gaming chair after all!

Playing through several long gaming, and working sessions, I am pleased to report that the Nitro Concepts X1000 chair did not make you sweat. I was quite curious as to whether the PU leather would allow my body to breathe. Thankfully the answer was yes!


The Nitro Concepts X1000 Decepticons Edition Gaming Chair is very easy to build and has a premium finish to it. The stitching looks amazing and stands out incredibly well against the black background. The functionality and comfort are high-end while the price tag of £259.99 feels justified for what you are getting. The only real conundrum for you is, which Transformers chair will you be getting?

The Nitro Concepts X1000 Decepticons Edition Gaming Chair scores a Thumb Culture Platinum Award!

Disclaimer: A product was received in order to write this review.

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  1. I love how you highlighted the unique design inspired by Transformers and the attention to detail in the chair’s construction. The ergonomic features, including the adjustable armrests and lumbar support, seem to provide a comfortable gaming experience. Your review has given a great overview of the chair’s features and performance. Transformers fans and gamers alike will appreciate this special edition chair. Well done on the review!

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