New Tchia Trailer Revealed At The VGAs 2021

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Awaceb has revealed a new Tchia trailer at the Video Game Awards 2021. The game premiered at last year’s Awards. With a launch date of Spring 2022 in mind, the team have revealed new soul-jumping mechanics to look forward to.

Check Out The New Tchia Trailer Here

A single-player, story-driven experience, Tchia takes place in the world of New Caledonia and is packed with adventures. The new Tchia trailer shows our heroine exploring the picturesque archipelago inspired by New Caledonia. The trailer also gives a first look into the game’s exciting main mechanic; soul-jumping.

New Tchia trailer
Climb, jump, explore and relax

Control With Your Soul

Soul-jumping enables Tchia to take control of almost any object or animal she can find on the islands. This exciting new mechanic provides a range of perspectives and abilities for players to enjoy. The new trailer shows a range of gorgeous settings and environments for players to explore while they journey through Tchia’s story.

New Tchia trailer
Grab the soul of a crab

While this looks great in terms of exploration, it’s also exciting to see how Tchia can soul-jump into inanimate objects for interesting results! This game looks like a real treat for lovers of open-world exploring, crafting and in-game chilling. The addition of Tchia’s Ukelele gives plenty of options for jamming on the shores of the archipelago!

Tchia launches on PC, PS4, and PS5 in Spring 2022. If you’re keen to jump into the world of Tchia then check out the new gameplay trailer right here.


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