New Mandolorian Season, New Chair!

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So with the return of The Mandalorian for a 3rd season we wanted to take a look at a special chair doing the rounds in the Galaxy! Say H’chu apenkee! (Hello in Huttese) to the noblechairs HERO Boba Fett Edition!

Rest on your throne just like Boba Fett!

Bringing all the plus points of the HERO line up, but with a design nod to the most badass bounty hunter in the Star Wars Universe. So let’s get stuck in and check out whats makes this the most feared chair in the galaxy!


With the noblechair HERO Boba Fett you get plenty of features in a great gaming chair, with its 4D arm rests and recline mechanism, you can get the HERO into any position that suits your posture. With the trademark adjustable lumbar support and rocking mechanism, you can be sure that you will feel like the king of the bounty hunters whilst sitting on your throne!

A chair by any other name would just be a chair right? So with the HERO Boba Fett chair, you get a lot more design elements to really show off your love for the Mandalorian lineage!

wide seams on the boba fett chair showing off the impressive breast plate design of the HERO Boba Fett chair.
Beautiful breastplate design on the HERO Boba Fett!

So let’s take a look at these design elements, firstly the whole chair front is stylised like Boba Fett’s armour! Yep, it’s that cool to look at as well. Granted it’s not as battle worn as in the previous series of The Mandalorian but it’s clean and pristine! Just like a brand new set of Beskar armour! With the extra wide seams, it gives the impression of the sections of the breastplate. Along with the colour accents on the lumbar support, highlighting the main colours of the impressive armour worn by Boba Fett.

If you were unaware of the history of Boba’s armour, then hold on tight as we need to explain that Sigil of Jaster Mereel sitting on the front of the armour. So Mereel was the former leader of the True Mandalorians and it was Mereel who saved Jango Fett after his family were brutally slain. Jango was Mereel’s adopted son, now hold on, Jango later passed down his armour to his own son, yes Boba. Therefore, this Sigil is of great importance on the armour.

The Sigil of Jaster Mereel sits proudly on the armour that was passed down from Jango Fett to Boba.
Embroidered details show the Sigil of Jaster Mereel

What about that funky looking logo on the HERO Boba Fett‘s left shoulder? Well, that would be the Mythosaur symbol. This symbol has become a popular symbol of the Mandalorian since the show spurred its importance of the sigil. These represent large beasts that were found on Mandalore before being brutally hunted to extinction by the Taung, a warrior race from Coruscant. The Mandalorians started creating weapons out of the Mythosaurs’ remains and then used the skull as their official mascot. The Mythosaurs themselves are mentioned early on in the Mandalorian and both Mando and Fett sport the skulls on their armour in some fashion. Whilst Boba Fett doesn’t identify as a Mandalorian he wears the symbol as a sign of his heritage from being a Mandalorian foundling.

Spin the HERO Boba Fett around and on the back you get a beautifully embroidered Boba Fett helmet with the expected name of the titular character underneath.

On the back of the chair the embroidered helmet of Boba Fett sits proudly, along with battle mark at the top.
Embroidered details show off the Boba Fett helmet in all its glory.

The noblechairs HERO Boba Fett comes in at a lofty £424.99 but what you get is comfort and durability in spades! With the option of a Darth Vader synthetic leather option as well as the Stormtrooper variant on the HERO ST, there is something for everyone!

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