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Growing up in the 90’s there was no shortage of fighting games and beat ’em ups to keep players entertained. Double Dragon, Streets Of Rage, Golden Axe, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter were hot topics in the school yard. Fight’N Rage, a 2D Arcade side-scroller pays homage to what is considered the “Golden Age” of the genre.

Streets of Fight’N Rage

Developed by Sebastián Garcia (aka SebaGamesDev), the game was originally released in 2017 and has since been ported for consoles by BlitWorks Games. It arrives on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on March 1st 2023 and is a free upgrade for owners of the PS4/Xbox One version of the game.


Players take control of one of a choice of three main characters, Gal, F.Norris and Ricardo. These three heroes are on a quest to liberate humanity that has been enslaved by mutants led by The Boss.

The controls are responsive which is needed when you find yourself completely surrounded by enemies and you are dishing out a chain of pain. Find yourself overwhelmed and you can fire up a special attack once your special meter is filled. In time of need though when you are lacking a special attack you can forfeit some health to perform the special move.

A brown haired 2D pixel art character called Gal performs a flying kick on a huge mutated bison in the arcade style beat'em up Fight'N Rage. She is dressed in a blue outfit with grey knee high stockings. The top left of the image shows the players number of lives, current health, score and a blue special attack (SP) meter. The top right displays the time for completed/current levels, with the current level time shown in green. Along the width of the bottom of the image is the heath meter for the current enemy called T.Bison. above this bar to the left is the combo hit counter reading 8 hits
Kick ass!

There’s a nice variety to the enemies with differing attacks to get used to. The bosses also offer up variety in challenge with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Your score at the end of a run is converted to currency which can be spent on unlockable items. There’s no skill trees here or upgrading abilities, it’s the good old fashioned GET GOOD.

A 2D pixel art character named Gal stands fists clenched, face to face with a tall mutated rat who is wearing a black karate suit and a red belt. The characters are standing inside a steel cage fighting arena that has flaming posts in its corners. Large bold yellow text in the middle of the image reads "SUCCEEDED!". Below this in smaller bold green text reads "YOU HAVE EARNED YELLOW BELT!" with a belt icon below. The bottom right displays a yellow belt icon surrounded by a yellow circle.
Train to become a master

This game can certainly be played like your standard side scrolling beat ’em up but there is a better way. Mastering the comprehensive combo system will reap handsome rewards, having you clean house in spectacular fashion. Each character has three belts (Yellow, Red & Black) to earn allowing you to get to grips with the intimidating movesets.

With up to 3 player couch co-op there’s fun to have with friends.

Graphics & Audio

Fight’N Rage has gorgeous pixel art that is both vibrant and dull, really selling the dank atmospheric reality that the heroes find themselves in. Character designs are great and the unlockable character variations more than just change the colour of outfits but can also change the look completely.

A 2D pixel art girl with brown hair and dressed in a blue outfit stands in a dank looking kitchen area that is covered in blood. Blood splattered green tiles in the background feature some bloody scratch marks as if made by an animal. The middle of the image has 4 large blood stained cooking pots one of which has smoke coming from it. A speech bubble above the characters head reads "What the!?"

The enemy designs are varied and there are nostalgic call backs everywhere. The boss designs are especially fantastic.

Animations throughout have that je ne sais quoi. Some really excellent work. The game also features the best implementation of a CRT filter I’ve ever seen in a game. It is superb and adds to its nostalgic vibes.

A 2D pixel art male character dressed in orange and blue outfit performs a jumping spin kick on a large mutated bull with exaggerated muscles. The image has a CRT filter applied giving the sense of looking at an old style display. The top of the image shows each characters name and health bar, F.Norris on the left and Ricardo on the right. In between the two health bars reads "KO" with the a countdown timer below reading 88 seconds. The characters are fighting in a steel cage arena with flaming posts in the corners.
Excellent CRT filter


Impressive is the depth that this game has to offer. Multiple paths and endings, an array of modes/unlockables and a grind for the Platinum trophy, there is a tonne of content to keep players challenged. The trophy list has four bronze, eight silver, eight gold and a platinum.

Pixel art of a menacing mutated lion wearing a green outfit, brown cloak and a military style black hat with a silver emblem on the front. Below the character reads "Say down and behold my greatness!". To the lower middle of the image is the digit 9 with green text in the top left reading "Continue?"

One thing I would say that could improve this title would be to add an option for online co-op in the Arcade Mode. Playing online with pals would be fantastic fun.

Final Thoughts

Sebastián Garcia is a genius and what he has designed here is an absolutely tremendous feat. I would love to see Capcom work with him on an official side scrolling Street Fighter game similar to how Sega did with Sonic The Hedgehog fans on Sonic Mania.

If you grew up playing the classics from the 90’s then this is one not to be missed. Similarly if you never played those arcade gems, this game has everything the era has to offer in one kick ass package.

Fight’N Rage beats its way to the Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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