New details on the DualSense Edge Controller

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PlayStation have revealed features, pricing and release date for their upcoming DualSense Edge Controller.

Get an Edge… have no Sense!

Priced at €240/£210/$200 the controller costs over half of the price of the PS5 console which includes a standard DualSense controller. A pretty steep investment when compared to competitors.

Gamers in in the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg will be able to pre-order the DualSense Edge Controller from beginning on Tue 25th October.


While it has the immersive features of the standard DualSense wireless controller (haptic feedback and adaptive triggers), the DualSense Edge controller also features a host of hardware and software-based customisation options:

  • button remapping
  • tune stick sensitivity and dead zones
  • adjust trigger stops and dead zones
  • swapping between multiple control profiles
  • 3 changeable sets of thumbstick caps (2 high dome, 2 low dome, 2 standard)
  • 2 changeable sets of back buttons (2 lever, 2 half dome)
  • braided charging/interface cable  with connector housing lock mechanism
  • charging carry case
  • replaceable thumbstick modules (sold separately)

The replaceable thumbstick modules will be priced at €25/£20/$20.

Launching January 26th 2023 from PlayStation direct, the premium controller will be offered at other participating retailers starting the following month on February 23rd 2023.

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