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Aubika are one of the best VR accessory makers in the gaming industry. From head straps to carry cases, they do it all! Obviously we were delighted to receive a nice care package with some great products to check out. So let’s dive into some new accessories for that shiny Quest 3

Excellence By Name, Excellence By Nature

As part of this article we will take a little look at the items one by one and give them their own Thumb Culture Award as we move through. Let’s Go!

quest 3 carry case from aubika

Aubika Hard Carrying Case For Oculus Quest 3/Quest 2/Quest Pro/PICO 4

We start off strong, well we start off with a strong (hard) carry case. Whilst we are focusing this article purely on the Quest 3 side, this carry case is capable of fitting more than just your Quest 3.

This case recently had a trip to London with me, where my Quest 3 was inside this, inside a backpack. At no point was I worried about the condition of my Quest 3. With a triple shell outer and a rounded shape it keeps your headset of choice nicely secure.

Carrying on the strength of the outer is the handle itself. With a reinforced handle it allows you have secure hold if you wish to use it. Inside the carry case, you have a nice velcro mesh bag to keep cables or any other accessory that you don’t want rolling around.

With the carry case comes a number of accessories to keep whichever VR headset you chose nice and safe. A mobile partition that can be used either to go across the lens area, or even across the front if you happen to have a small strap. The mesh bag and a mobile cushion to keep everything nice and secure.

Overall it’s a well designed carry case. It receives the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

the aubika mini case on white background
AUBIKA Mini Case For Meta Quest 3, Hard Carrying Case For Oculus Quest 3 Accessories

Not only have Aubika got one new case to show off, but they also have a Mini version.

Having a lot of the same features as the bigger brother carry case the mini case is more aimed at those of us with the basic fabric strap for our VR headsets.

With not having anything extra to talk about we can just give this award already!

The Aubika Mini Case receives the Thumb Culture Gold Award!

aubika batter headstrap on a white background

AUBIKA Head Strap With 8000mAh Battery, 18W Fast Charging Head Strap

If you have recently purchased a Quest 3 and thought that the battery life was pretty low. Then you may well want to pick up this battery headstrap. With its 8000mAh capacity it easily doubles the life of the Quest 3. Giving you up an extra 3 hours of gaming time will open up more experiences within VR and allowing your games to go on and on.

With a passthrough system, the head strap allows you to charge both the headset and head strap simultaneously using one charging cable. With a nice little power indicator on the battery portion of the head strap giving you quick reference of how much juice remains.

Moving along the head strap and to the pivot point. Giving flexibility to the head strap and allowing you to lift it from your eyes for a break if you need to.

The comfort when wearing the head strap is great. With great support both at the rear of the head strap and a comfortable top strap. This make up ensures that the headset is perfectly balanced and the read battery gives a counter balance to the front weight of the Quest 3.

The Aubika battery head strap is also highly adjustable, moving from 17cm diameter to a whopping 24cm! Although please be aware that prolonged use in younger children should be avoided.

Overall this head strap is one of the best on the market. With a large capacity battery giving all that extra gameplay time. As well as the adjustability it is easy to give this head strap the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

aubika head strap on a white background

AUBIKA Head Strap For Meta Quest 3, Elite Strap For Quest 3 Accessories

This head strap is essentially the same as the battery one, but without the…erm… battery. Now I know you might be wondering why you would upgrade your strap to one without a battery. That’s a good question, and I believe there is a perfectly simple answer. Cost.

Well that’s not the only factor, if you use your Quest 3 headset primarily connected to a PC via a USB cable. Then why would you need a charging head strap.

But coming in at less than half the price of the battery-adorned alternative. This head strap is cost-effective for that extra comfort.

With all the same adjustability as the battery strap, this head strap gives you comfort for days. Unfortunately just without the extra juice for long periods of gaming.

Therefore I cant give this head strap the Gold Award, instead it receives the Thumb Culture Silver Award.

There we have it! Some incredible accessories from our friends at Aubika! Check out their full line up of accessories over on their website here but in the meantime, happy gaming!

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Disclaimer: Samples were received to write this.

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