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Packing its bags and setting up residence on the Nintendo Switch is Moving Out. Taking inspiration from the fantastic Overcooked, the crazy, chaotic multiplayer is available on April 28th but is this worth the relocation fee?

Keep movin’, movin’, movin’!


You work for a professional removal service and your task is simple. You need to ensure that the identified items are moved from the house (or other crazy locations) to your truck. Although this may sound simple, I guarantee you, it isn’t. 

As a family, we sat together, joy-cons in hand, excited to experience the co-op fun. Smiles beamed across the kids’ faces as the bright lights of the title screen sparkled in their innocent eyes.

5 minutes later…

“I said grab the f**king sofa! Come on! Pivot! PIVOT!”

At this point, I realised that the Moving Out was quite difficult for younger gamers. Having to remove items of all shapes and sizes in a strict timeframe was proving too difficult for my moderately experienced 8-year-olds, but serves as a suitable challenge for experienced gamers. However, the folks at DEVM Games and SMG Studios have added the Assist Mode which allows gamers to tailor their experience to ensure the game is suitable for those playing and also making this accessible for solo players too.

Damn you corner sofa!

Level Design

This is not a game feint of heart, it’s a stress fest and this accentuated by the range of environments. Not only do the houses get larger with more complex layouts, but you also encounter haunted mansions, offices and even moving aeroplanes! On top of this, the range of items that you have to move can range in terms of size, weight and some may require more than one person to carry which adds to the importance of co-operation.

All items need to fit into your truck which may sound easier than it actually is. You can try to neatly place items in the specified location but I found throwing them in on top of one another the most fun! If that isn’t stressful enough, thrown into the mix are hazards which can range from oil spills that slow you down, to ghosts which catch and stun you. All of this together makes for one of the best family co-op experiences I’ve had!


From the introduction, the games art direction had me hooked. Although the graphics are similar to Overcooked due to It’s bright and bold style, there is much here to separate it from its predecessor. Moving Out is steeped in 80s nostalgia, this ranges from level design, audio quips and visual references which helps to captures the atmosphere of the game perfectly. The levels are varied and take influence from a range of media ensuring that each area feels unique.


Keeping with the 80s theme, the music is suitably synth-tastic with some riffs resembling classic films from the era. The bouncy and bubbly music compliments the frantic action without feeling intrusive. With satisfying sound FX that magnifies the ridiculousness of lobbing a package through a window from the top floor of a house, the game is entertaining in every aspect.

Planes, trains and automobiles could be encountered!


Like others in the genre, Moving Out has a medal system which is time-based and even alters with Assist Mode features. On top of that, each level has bonus tasks which rewards you with gold coins that unlocks events in the VHS Superstore. For me, these were some of the most memorable levels in the game. If that isn’t enough, the game also has an Arcade which tests your skills in a different way such as carrying objects along a narrow platform or throwing packages across fans to land in a container! With a variety of levels and extra modes, this game will keep you and the family entertained for a long time!

A colourful but strange cast of characters


Overall, Moving Out is fun and hectic party game that is accessible for all. Whilst stuck indoors, this is the perfect game for you and the family to enjoy. If you’re a fan of games in the genre then this is definitely worth the removal fees. I award the game a Thumb Culture Gold Award!

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

This article was written by Jaz Sagoo

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