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Megalan 11 is an exploration puzzle title which is available across various platforms. Developed by Arkhipov Pavel and published by MAYO Games this game was originally released in 2020.

11 Day And Counting!

With its release back in 2020 it’s possible that some people missed it, especially console-only games. After all, they most likely wouldn’t be checking the Steam store. After much love, it is finally here and we managed to get our hands on the Nintendo Switch version.


On loading the game, we are getting signals from a planet. A very orange planet, where we are looking to land.  After many screams, the spaceship crash lands and this is where it all begins. The idea is that you have to escape the planet that you are stranded on by building and ensuring that your crew are surviving.

Megalan 11 screenshot where your character is lost on the orange planet
Total Recall Vibes

You find a shelter and from here you are given your first objectives. Firstly we have to get the electricity on, provide water for our comrades, and get the communication links up and running. We also then have to save the game as there is no autosave present on Megalan 11. Not only does this save the game but it cheers up your crew as well.

Megalan 11 screenshot where your character is searching for resources
Collecting The Resources

As you explore the first area there are plenty of items to smash and hints and tips along the way. For example, if there are any cans of tuna laying about these can assist with power and speed. With the objectives mentioned previously, the idea is to get the base back up and running. By scavenging around picking up items from the damage you cause to whatever is available to smash. These are stored in your handy backpack (which is upgradable), which does get full quite quickly. From here you can then dump your findings in a skip to then rebuild it from within.

You can explore outside the base to pick up more metals and you guessed it repairs more. It is very much a base-building and defending title. Whilst you are going about the above, there is also a timer ticking down from 11 days.

Graphics & Audio

There were no bugs with audio or graphics when playing. there are so many PC ports that come to the Switch that is either as buggy as hell or borderline unplayable. The game isn’t overly demanding but this was great to see either way.

Megalan 11 screenshot where your character is searching indoors for resources
Looking for parts around the base

The graphics and assets used in MEGALAN 11 really suit its laid-back gameplay. Nothing overly complex about them but they suited the scavenger rebuilding ethos and atmosphere is created within the game. when it comes to the audio, this takes a back seat within the game with the usual sound effects when scavenging and some background music.


There is only one mode on MEGALAN 11, which is the single-player campaign. However, after you have completed the challenges with Normal difficulty. If you are after some more gameplay at a more advanced level you can check out Hard difficulty.

Megalan 11 screenshot where your character is running away from the Space Fish
Run Away From The Space Fish!

Megalan 11 is what I would classify as quite a slow title. It is extremely repetitive, so for those gamers who really want some excitement straight away then this title might not be for you.

Final Thoughts

Megalan 11 on the cover sounds extremely interesting with a lot of depth. Or at least as much depth as a title like this could have. However, it felt that the story felt a little flat for a single-player title. Having said that, this title would be an amazing streaming game for a relaxed stream. You can build away and reach the 11 days smoothly whilst talking to your community and not getting too stressed out. I award Megalan 11 a Thumb Culture Bronze Award.

Thumb Culture Bronze Award

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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