Meetion Poseidon G3360 Pro Gaming Mouse Review

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We are bringing you another Meetion UK product, in the last article we brought you the MK80. This time round we are showcasing the Meetion Poseidon G3360 Pro Gaming Mouse. After having a quick look in the box I am eager to take this mouse for a spin!

Gettin’ grippy with it!

Everyone loves trying out a new mouse, believe it or not, there is a lot to learn about them. The slightest difference in specification can make or break a mouse. Not only this it could also be the difference in whether or not a certain mouse is for you. Design is obviously important to some, however, the grip type is what you should be looking into. Keep reading to find out how this mouse measures up!


It would be wrong to start off this section without starting at skid-resistant side grips. On the Poseidon G3360 Pro Gaming Mouse there are silicone strips down either side. Each of these grips has a cutout pattern which I can only describe and straight and angular lines. These are a game-changer, the mouse is super grippy even in the sweatiest COD lobbies.

The Mouse is mainly black with a dull polished finish, which again assists with grip. The accents on the mouse come from the grip mentioned above which is grey, along with RGB and a Meetion Logo. The RGB on the Poseidon G3360 Pro Gaming Mouse is mostly visible from the cutouts running down each side of the mouse. This is also customisable with the software provided for the mouse.


For what could be classed as a low to mid-priced mouse you get quite the load of functionality. More to the point, functionality that actually works. Within some of the lower end mice, you can sometimes end up with cheap switches and poor click latency. However, testing this out in fast-paced titles where speed is key, I had no issues being the first to fire.

The Poseidon G3360 Pro Gaming Mouse feels quite premium on the click. Whilst it is quiet, the clicks of all the buttons feel extremely responsive. With 7 buttons available there is enough to configure just about any title to the mouse. Obviously, this mouse is not an MMO mouse, however, it would still make a great companion for one.

For all of the mouse guru’s out there here is the technical specification you are looking for. The Poseidon G3360 Pro Gaming Mouse has a DPI range from 200-12000dpi, which can be configured to your preferences using the mouse software. You can also use the configured mouse buttons to quickly switch between these profiles.

In terms of polling rate you are looking up to 1000hz and the sensor used in the Poseidon G3360 Pro Gaming Mouse is the PMW3360. As mentioned above you also have the downloadable software which pairs with this mouse. This gives you all the options of customisation as previously mentioned, from RGB to mouse profiles.

Compatibility and Grip

So, who exactly can use this mouse? Well as with the other MeetionUK products they are compatible with the PC from Windows XP and up. However, they also support Mac OS. The connection on the Meetion Poseidon G3360 is USB.

  • Windows – XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • MAC OS
  • USB Connection

From a grip perspective, the Poseidon G3360 Pro Gaming Mouse’s ergonomic shape is designed for gamers that use a mouse with their right hand. I trialled grip types with this mouse as well, Palm came out on top as been the most comfortable followed by claw grip. If you are fingertip grip, it does fit, however, as the mouse is on the heavier side it does make this the least comfortable. As mentioned in other posts, Grip types are very personal as it is very possible you are fingertip but love the feel of a sturdy mouse.

Final Thoughts

Having tried various mice lately it is quite clear there is a lot to think about as each one has been completely different. From weights to grips types, not even touching on design there is a lot to think about. However, this has also given me a new respect for mice and actually how important it is you get the one that is right for you.

If you are looking for a solid mouse with an abundance of functionality that carries some weight this is the mouse for you. It feels sturdy in the hand and would also be perfect for any heavy-handed gamers. The Meetion Poseidon G3360 Pro Gaming Mouse feels extremely robust compared to some of its competitors and offers a great gaming experience. I, therefore, award the Meetion Poseidon G3360 Pro Gaming Mouse a Thumb Culture Silver Award.


If the Meetion Poseidon G3360 is something you would like, the team at MeetionUK has given our readers a discount code for 15% off, just use code THUMB_CULTURE15 at the checkout. If you do pick anything up be sure to tag us and the team at MeetionUK.

Disclaimer: A product was received in order to write this review.

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