Life is Strange: True Colors Revealed

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It has been just over 15 months since the final episode of Life is Strange 2 debuted and just over 6 years since the series came out. Today we finally got news on the 3rd main title in the franchise; Life is Strange: True Colors.

From the rumour mill

Prior to the Square Enix Presents | Spring 2021 stream, we had already learned that the game would feature a new cast, a new story and a new power. A full body picture showing a new character facing away from the camera was also posted on various Twitter accounts related to the game’s development. Rumours originally posted on ResetEra touted that the new power would be telepathy and the rumoured title of the game, True Colors, would be related to the fact that the main character would see people surrounded by a colour that represented their mood. There were also rumours that a direct sequel to the first game was in the works. How much of this was confirmed in the event? Find out below.

Alex, the protagonist of Life is Strange: True Colors
Alex, and the colours of the game, already looking amazing.

What was revealed?

Seems like a lot of the leaks were accurate. Life is Strange: True Colors will feature Alex, a young woman with an Empathic ability. She is able to sense other peoples emotions, seeing them as a surrounding colour that corresponds to their mood. She can also sense why they are feeling the way they are and even manipulate their emotions. Complications arise for Alex when strong emotions begin to affect and influence her own.

The story will see Alex briefly reunite with her brother after having spent 8 years apart. The siblings are reunited in the mountain town of Haven Spring, presumably after Alex leaves foster care. Unfortunately, shortly after her arrival, her brother Gabe is killed in what appears to be an accident. It won’t take long for this to turn into more of a murder mystery situation. Alex, along with potential love interests Ryan and Steph, will need to uncover secrets and investigate peoples true feelings and motivations to get to the truth about what happened to Gabe. Long time fans of Life is Strange will recognise Steph as the friendly Dungeon Master in Before the Storm, a previous title in the series developed by Deck Nine.

A screenshot showing Alex's power creating a purple aura around a bar patron.
Here we get a glimpse of Alex sensing the emotions of someone.

Life is Strange: True Colors has been in development since 2017. It will be the first title in the franchise to feature full-body motion capture. The footage in the reveal already looks amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on this. The good news we won’t have to wait for an episodic release!  The full game will be released on September 10th 2021 and pre-orders are already available on the Life is Strange website. Alongside the release of True Colors, Life is Strange and Before the Storm will be receiving the remaster treatment. They will be available as a standalone set or as part of an Ultimate Edition of True Colors.

What’s next?

With most of the leaked information proving true, including that Deck Nine would be developing so that DONTNOD could focus on a direct sequel to the first game, maybe the future holds some good news on that front too? Would you like to see Max return for Life is Strange 4? Let us know down below.

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