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After the buzz of the Lawn Mowing Simulator Demo, which when released garnered over 250,000 downloads, Lawn Mowing Simulator is finally here in a full release. Does it live up to its demo hype or is it another in a long list of tedious niche sims?

Curve Digital and Skyhooks Games created a huge noise during this phase. They now have to deliver on the full release. Carry on reading to find out what I thought of the game in my first ever simulator review!

Lawn Mower Simulator – Watch out for that Gnome!

Now, this is the first-ever simulation game I’ve reviewed, and based on the other TC crews’ thoughts around the demo I was genuinely excited to get stuck into Lawn Mowing Simulator.

Mirror, signal, and MOWneuver!


There are 3 game modes to enjoy; Career, Challenge, and Free Mow. In this review, I will be concentrating on purely the Career mode as it gave me the overall experience of Lawn Mowing Simulator.

You start off as an apprentice, you need a logo, a company name, and your first-ever ride-on mower.

Working your way up through various jobs across the beautifully visual landscapes, you gain your hard-earned cash from completing the jobs in the allotted time.  Make sure you sweep the garden first for those pesky Gnomes and other objects and avoid mowing down things that are not grass, as they come out of your pay packet at the end.

Every mower as you work your way up through the ranks has its advantages and disadvantages, whether it be speed, accuracy, durability, or size. The good news for Sim lovers is that these mowers are available in real life thanks to the licenses obtained from the actual manufacturers STIGA and Toro.  There are 12 available to purchase throughout the game and more promised via a later DLC.

You have full control over the height of the cut, motor revs of the mower engine, after that how fast you want to go is down to you, each Career job has its own grass length targets so don’t get it wrong!

Once you have all the above in hand, you can cut the grass in whatever fashion you want – around in circles, straight up and down, around the edges, or just go mental – it’s totally up to you so long as you complete the job.

For those that want to venture away from the Career mode:

  • Challenge mode adds some twists to the standard gameplay; you may have to stripe the lawn in a certain way, race against the clock, and complete it with minimal fuel.
  • Free-Mow is exactly as it says on the tin (although you have to complete your first career contract to unlock) visit any lawn, use any mower you own, and do your own thing in your own time, no pressure!


Stunning Landscapes

Graphics & Audio

On this Series X Optimised version the game is graphically stunning. With landscapes based around the English Countryside and Towns. You can go from mowing a country house lawn, to a townhouse, and then to the grounds of a castle. There is great variety in the locations. The team has done a great job to capture the structures, architecture, and machinery as perfectly as possible.

Audio-wise I would suggest turning the volume down low and putting on your favourite Mowing Playlist (they do exist!) as the constant hum of the mower’s motor begins to become a grind after not much more than 5 minutes. Maybe something a later DLC could add would be some music tracks to a mower!

I want to ride my Lawn Mower


Quite simply you could spend days and days playing Lawn Mower Simulator if you so wished. For me, I found it quite monotonous, and after cutting one lawn I felt that I needed a break. This is all personal opinion though. If you’ve had a hard day and want to just relax for a few hours cutting grass, then this would be perfect for you. 

And if you fancy a challenge, jump in the 3 tiered Challenge mode. There’s also Free Mow to further expand the longevity of the game.

Final Thoughts

Lawn Mowing Simulator is a very well-designed and present simulation experience. However, I found that it became tiresome doing the same thing to your mower hour after hour. Of course, if you are a Lawnmower fan and simply can’t get enough of them then this is the game for you!

Me on the other hand I’m going to grab a beer and mow my real grass. At least then you get the best smell in the world – cut grass!

Lawn Mower Simulator receives a Thumb Culture Silver Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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