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Welcome to Ye OLDE! Your new retirement paradise. Date as an octogenarian and find somebody to love, or just get your kicks in while the getting is good. Remember, if the chairs are rockin’, don’t come a-knockin. Part One out now! Developed and self-published by Bloom Digital Media Later Daters Part One released on 16th April 2020, you can grab a copy on Steam now for £5.49!


Welcome to Ye O.L.D.E!


In a nutshell, Later Daters is a dating game with multiple-choice dialogue. You can play it however you feel or choose. When starting the game you can choose from 3 potential new residents at Ye OLDE retirement community, you can pick your look, gender, relationship backstory and your sidekick in the guise of a cat, dog or robot then off you go on your adventure of geriatric gyrating!

YE O.L.D’s Resident Rockstar Jax Argo!

Although short the game is great to play, I’m not really experienced in this genre of game (Honestly!) but found myself drawn in, What little you learn of the other residents you can’t help but get attached and feel a little empathy toward them and that’s where I feel the charm of this game lies. On the surface, it’s a dating game set in a retirement home full of horny old people, but if you dig a little under the surface, there is humour, there is compassion, companionship and loneliness, as you play through the first three episodes of part one you learn a little of the back story of your fellow residents and begin to build a bond and connection to them!


The graphics are what I’d guess you would expect from a game of this genre. They’re nothing overly flashy but add to the feel and charm of the game. Everything is well laid out and the dialogue is easy to read.

Meet Blair the Poker Shark…


Firstly, that theme tune… After hearing it just a handful of times I’ve found myself humming and whistling it through the day. It’s very catchy and the lyrics of the theme tune and in-game songs can’t help but put a smile on your face. My only complaint with the audio is that sometimes the background music runs out leaving you in silence. This can be fixed by bringing up the options menu then returning to the game, but it would be nice if that looped in the background instead of occasionally leaving you in silence till the next scene, there is no voice-over, however, I feel some of the charms in the game is adding your own, so nothing lost there.


The first 3 episodes that make up part one of the game are very short and took me only an hour, however, obviously with multiple starts and multiple choices in dialogue, you can get a good few different playthroughs so the game still feels like good value for money.

The Cast and Stars of Later Daters…


Later Daters is a very short game but has buckets of charm, humour and emotion. If you’re a fan of dating games and cute graphics or are a streamer looking for something fun to play and get your community involved this might fit the bill. Even if you’re just looking for a game to kill an hour or two you could do far worse than pick this up.


I award Later Daters the Gold Thumb Award!

Developer: Bloom Digital Media
Publisher: Bloom Digital Media
Release Date: 16/04/2020
Platforms: PC, Switch

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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