King of the Castle Democracy Manifest Released Today!

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Tributary Games today released the 1.2 update entitled ‘Democracy Manifest’ for their popular party game, King of the Castle.

Community ideas get introduced in 1.2

King of the Castle Democracy Manifest brings some great community requested features, including the ability for those that bought the game to choose the region that they join. Bringing some new schemes as well as a new loyalist scheme to the game. As well as other bits and pieces.

New Flags

With the update, you get a huge 59 events added to the game, so good luck finding those. One of these is the ‘The Rightful Heir’ event, introducing a tale of revenge against usurpers of the throne. As well as the ‘Jailbreak’ event, giving an imprisoned noble the chance to break out and cause havoc in the Kingdom.

gif showing how the selectable regions work for premium nobles, or those that have purchased the game themselves.
Select your region, ‘premium’ noble!

With the King of the Castle Democracy Manifest you also get some new Noble shields to choose from so definitely have a dive into the custom nobles options. Just remember that sometimes the changes don’t come into effect until a new Dynasty is started. On top of new flags, there will be new Twitch Drops, rewarding you for watching streamers playing the game. Finally a rework of the game’s user interface increasing the readability.

So all that is left is for you to go and !join a game, see you in the next Dynasty.

We reviewed the game and if you want to give that a read then head over here 


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