Juicy Realm Review – Get Your Fruit Blasters Ready

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Get your fruit blasters ready, it’s going to get messy, Juicy Realm published by X.D Network Inc brings us fruit, but not as we know it!


Have you ever played a game like Enter The Gungeon and thought to yourself, “I really wish this game was a bit fruitier”? Well here is your chance!  In Juicy Realm you can choose to play from a number of different characters, each starting out with different weapons and ability. Once you choose your character, you start off at a camp and blast your way through different areas full of fruit.  Sounds easy right? Well not when that apple is toting a shot gun and trying to put an end to all of humanity.

Once you annihilate all the homicidal fruit in that area you are rewarded with a chest! In that chest may be more health, ammo, or a randomised weapon that you can use to blast your way further into other areas.  The weapons are amazing! In one of my play troughs I picked up one gun that looked like a keyboard and shot a huge GG across the screen.  Items like this are what gives Juicy Realm flair, you never know what you are going to get and it’s always a pleasant surprise.

And with these weapons you will be shooting all different types of enemies like Apples, pears, and you know….other fruit.  And if you are lucky enough to reach a boss area, like the huge knife toting watermelon, which takes up a good part of the screen, you will have to figure out the boss mechanics.   If you are able to get past the boss there is a shop where you can buy  health, ammo, or a gun.  There is also a piggy bank you can store your money in….just in case you get turned into fruit food.

But if you do end up perishing from this fruit infested world, that is okay because you can just start back from the beginning and either adventure out with the same fruit destroying hero or you can choose another to play!


With the use of cutesy graphics and chibby like characters, Juicy Realm feels like a fun cartoon.  It never takes it self seriously and it works well.  I never noticed any graphical glitches or framerate issues even at the highest resolution.   The art style is great; from the silly weapons to the crazy looking fruit there is always something that catches your eye.  Each area has its own level design from grassy fields to dense forests to the hot desert covered with sand pits and cactuses that can also kill you.

Juicy Realm
You never know what is waiting for  you in the next area, so be ready for anything!


The sound track to Juicy Realm compliments the graphics beautifully.  My favourite sounds are the ones the weapons make like the pistol that shoots seeds (pew pew) and the firework launcher, each having their own silly sounds.


If you are in to roguelike games, Juicy Realm will keep your attention for hours.  Each time trying to get further than the last. Figuring out boss mechanics and finding new guns and melee weapons.  There are multiple different difficulty levels just in case you find the game easier than it needs to be.  I played on easy and still found myself restarting multiple times.  Each time I saw what I did wrong and figured out how to fix it.

There is also a “DUO” mode that lets you bring a friend into the fruit infested world which adds more fun while watching each other’s back.  It’s a fun game that you can boot up and play for a few minutes or you can lose track of time and play all night.

Juicy Realm
Playing duo with friends adds hours of fun!


Juicy Realm will give you hours of entertainment to justify paying the low price tag. If you are looking to just past the time or play a cute shoot’em up with a friend you should defiantly try this game out! It’s also great to play while waiting for the next triple A game to come out.

Juicy Realm receives a Thumb Culture Silver Award

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