JBL Announces New Sound Bar & Quantum Gaming Headsets

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Announced at CES 2023 Las Vegas today, JBL has unveiled their latest launches in gaming and home audio!

2023 Just Got an Audio Upgrade!

Let’s see what we can look forward to in the next few months!

JBL Bar 1300

First on the list is the JBL Bar 1300! While we found out about the flagship JBL Bar 1000 along with the slightly smaller variants; 800, 500 and 300, back in 2022, JBL have once again raised the (sound) bar.

JBL 1300
Having experienced how these sound I would love one badly.

Boasting a whopping 1170W power output, 6 up-firing drivers, an 11.1.4 sound system along with a 10″ subwoofer, they have truly surpassed their flagship JBL Bar 1000. In comparison that had 880W, 4 up-firing drivers and a 7.1.4 sound system. Both systems come with Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X 3D surround sound and MultiBeamTM technology along with wireless satellite speakers, HARMAN PureVoice technology, Bluetooth and Smart Assistant integration.

I had the pleasure of visiting JBL last year where they showed off what was then their flagship sound bar, and it was an absolutely amazing piece of kit. Watching a clip of the chase scene from The Batman movie had me at the edge of my seat as every smash and thunderous explosion just enveloped you in the most astounding detail. I can’t wait to experience the JBL Bar 1300 which is out mid-February at £1299.99!

JBL Quantum Gaming Headsets

Adding to JBL’s Quantum wireless gaming headset portfolio from mid-March are 4 brand-new innovative headsets.

JBL Quantum
Are you an XBOX fan?

For those that want to have QuantumSPATIAL360 audio with integrated head tracking, advanced noise canceling, JBL DualSOURCE (always good for when you get those unexpected calls), flip-up-to-mute boom mics with echo and noise suppression ON A CONSOLE….then there is the JBL Quantum 910X and 910P. Oh, and yes you can decide whether you would like the white and blue to represent Playstation or the black and green for XBOX!

While I have played with the Quantum One headset on the PC, this is the first time that spatial and head tracking has come to XBOX, Playstation and Switch from JBL. Of course, the headset is also compatible with PC and brings with it JBL’s QuantumSPHERE 360 and QuantumSURROUND. With 50mm drivers, 37 hours of battery life, and a price tag of £219.99, this is a JBL gaming headset to rule them all!

JBL Quantum
Or a PlayStation fan?

If the JBL Quantum 910X and 910P are a little too much to handle then there is the JBL Quantum 360X and 360P available at £119.99. They have a slightly lesser spec but will still give you that QuantumSOUND you desire. Featuring 40mm drivers, 22 hours of battery life, DualSOURCE, game/chat balance and customisable settings via the JBL Quantum Engine app, one of the selling points is that you can charge and play at the same time. Having a house full of teenagers who regularly game I can only say that this is a blessing when it comes to issues with forgetting to monitor and charge up their devices!

What a way to start the year!

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