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In Retrospect, a bug is fixed. The developer Paper Salamander Games is pleased to report the bug that stopped the title screen loading is now fixed.

Squashing That Bug

Some Steam players were reporting a bug that stopped the title screen loading if a previous copy of the game was present. For example, if the demo is already on the player’s PC.

The developer reports that the bug should now be fixed and the player needs to reload Steam to put it into effect. Also, In Retrospect is now Live on Steam and Itch with a 40% launch discount.

Game Information If You Don’t Already Know

Andrew Nee a developer from Paper Salamander Games describes In Retrospect as “an action platformer about reflecting on your past that syncs the gameplay and music, with the player’s choices affecting the story and certain game elements as well. It is inspired by indie games such as Crypt of the Necrodancer, Just Shapes & Beats, Wandersong, and the BIT.TRIP series and Thomas Was Alone. In Retrospect contains a story mode as well as 40+ challenge stages, complete with full leaderboards.”

So fans of the game, and new players wanting to try it out, will be pleased to hear the In Retrospect bug is fixed.

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