HyperX Quadcast Standalone Microphone

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HyperX is extremely well known within the gaming community, They are memory giants Kingston Technologies high-performance product division. Hence, when it comes to gaming related to tech you will see HyperX over Kingston. Starting in 2002 HyperX had just one line, as you probably could have guessed it was Performance RAM. These tech giants have now bestowed upon us the HyperX Quadcast Standalone Microphone.


It is clear as day what you are getting in the box, The artwork on the packaging is sleek and it shows off some of the best bits of the microphone. The one thing it doesn’t do is highlight just how big this piece of hardware is. This, however, is not a bad thing. The HyperX Quadcast has a stunning sleek matt black finish with red detail, black and red can be tacky however this is not the case with the Quadcast. The cylindrical-shaped microphone has clean hexagonal cutouts for sound intake. The microphone, when connected and activated glows red, which really compliments the matt black finish. Controls and I/O are also inbuilt into the microphone.

Functionality And Audio

The HyperX Quadcast has a plethora of goodies for you. To start with there is no need to buy a pop filter separately, as this comes with one built-in. This is a huge benefit as pop filters can take over space around your microphone. To the rear of the microphone, you also have four selectable polar patterns from stereo to Bidirectional. To complement this dial you also have a 9mm headset jack and the USB power/connection cable.

With an inbuilt Anti-Vibration shock mount, you don’t have to worry about low vibrations been captured via the microphone and it does the job pretty well. To ensure there are no loud clicks when muting the HyperX has a tap to mute sensor on the top of the microphone. This comes in handy mid-game when you grab that loud bag of crunchy snackage. Along with the above, the bottom of the mic below the HyperX logo adjusts, this is the gain control. A really well thought out microphone that incorporates most of the functionality you would want.


When it comes to the hardware one of the things we all want to know is, Is it compatible with my setup? In this section, we will give you the details. Let’s start with the hardware, obviously, a bit of kit like this is compatible with PC, but for all you MAC lovers out there we have some good news for you as well. That’s right, it is also fully MAC compatible. Unfortunately, when it comes to console gamers, HyperX can only make Sony fans happy with its Playstation 4 compatibility.

Now onto the apps! The HyperX Quadcast is fully certified for Discord and Teamspeak, most gamers are on one or the other so it is great to see an official certification in place for both of these. The Quadcast is also compatible with:

  • Skype
  • Mumble
  • OBS
  • XSplit

That isn’t to say that it won’t work with anything else, however, I would advise getting in touch with HyperX if you have any queries in relation to compatibility.

In terms of connectivity, It has a USB on the rear and comes boxed with a 2m cable so you can place your microphone just about anywhere on your setup.


This is the first standalone microphone I have personally owned, I have always gone down the headset route. I am not going to lie, it felt a little strange at first making the move. However, saying that now I wouldn’t go back to using only a headset. I will be looking into a BOOM for the HyperX Quadcast just to heighten the unit and to free up some space on my desk. I was genuinely in love with this microphone since unpacking, the quality, design, and functionality makes the HyperX Quadcast a must checkout if you are looking for a standalone.

I award the HyperX Quadcast a PLATINUM AWARD.

Brand: HyperX
Manufacturer: Kingston Technologies
Release Date: 25/03/2019
Platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Mac

Disclaimer: This item was received in order to write this review.

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