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Golfing and surviving a zombie apocalypse. These two things you wouldn’t necessarily put together. The developers, Sleepwalking Potatoes, have gone and done it in Golf vs. Zombies! It follows on from their past releases Earthworms, Lesson Learned, Bouncy Bob, and My Demon Wife. This unique take on this horror genre was released on 15th September on most platforms. I got my hands on the club and took a swing at this unique game. Read on to see what I thought of it.

The Fairway to the Zombie Par-tee

A scene with dried grassed golf course. a golfer stands in the middle ready to tee off
A deep breath be-fore I take down the zombies

If have found zombie apocalypse games to have become stale then games like this get you excited. I for one have and it takes something unique to interest me. This is a quirky take on the genre providing a challenge but also some laughs. What’s your favorite zombie survival game that you have good memories of playing? Let me know down below in the comments!


Without much of an explanation, the game throws you into the main menu of a desolate-looking area. Here you choose between meeting Billy the owner of the golf courses. Joining up with others, and basic options also are available. Billy is your go-to to access the store containing upgrades in golfing gear, skills, and apparel. As you progress you can purchase additional courses varying in difficulty too. During each trip to the courses, we play a top-down driving mini-game where you have to mow down as many zombies as you can on the way avoiding barriers. I found this a nice little break from the tension on the golf course. You are also challenged to collect items throughout the courses.

A bald man stands in the window of an RV with a smile on his face. The rv is in a desolate part of the world
When life give you lemons – squeeze them in the zombie’s eyes!

Tee-ing Off

I approach the first course ready to take on the zombies. Surrounding me are big sand-colored boulders, cacti, and RV houses dotted around. The sign that welcomes you is a green menacing face which you learn is the difficulty you are facing. Here you get given enough tutorials to get used to how to aim & swing accurately. The tension ramps up however when the zombies surface from underground and amble towards you.

Soon enough they get close and at a close distance there is no way to get a hit on their noggin. A nice vision of them chewing into me with chunks and meaty bits flying and then I’m back at the start. It became a case of getting into the zone and not letting the tension get the best of me. After dispatching a few more I found myself on the green where you can easily enough drive that ball home.

Embracing my inner Tiger Woods

As you progress the difficulty ramps up giving you such things as zombies with buckets on their heads, islands to shoot your ball to for shortcuts, and yes, even more zombies. I thrived at the challenge and got organised. Aiming for the bucket heads first and then dispatching the others seemed the best way.  At many times throughout things did get overwhelming and if you didn’t keep an eye 360 degrees all around. Plus it grew frustrating that you couldn’t chip a ball up to their heads once they got close. You just had to accept fate. The different kinds of balls evened things up somewhat. Giving you the option to blow them up, freeze them, snipe them, or nuke them. Also, dotted around are cannisters to blow up which came in handy.

A golfer stands in front of a big explosion in the distance surrounded my a desolate landscape
Setting off some Tee-N-Tee

Graphics & Audio

As graphics go the game developers chose to go for a cartoon-looking simplistic look. It’s clear however the developers have given the time and attention to the game giving detail and character where needed. The courses seemed as desolate as one would expect in an Arizona wasteland with the odd cactus dotted around, rock surfaces, and the sun-worn household furniture of Billy the course owner. The zombies and characters you play are given enough detail to make them interesting and fun. The animations and actions of the zombies as they approach are typically what you’d expect from zombies in general.

The menu music and throughout the game is a dark country-type song with the twanging acoustic fitting of the desolate environment you see yourself in. The menu sound as you flick from option to option was something akin to a golf ball being dropped into a cup. This became very irritating as you heard it more and more. As you encounter zombies the music ramps up to add more intensity and tension and abruptly stops when you’ve cleared the zombies. The contrast between the calm sound of the wind blowing and the tense music was jolting and added another level to the game. It also served as a way to know the zombies had been cleared too

A golfer strikes a ball at a zombies head surrounded by a desolate landscape
Who’d have thought golf would be such a violent game!?


I spent an hour playing the game during my time with it although I could have seen myself maybe having another hour or two playing through and unlocking more areas. To better hone your skills and timing a decent amount of time is needed to practice. Replaying courses can give you more money by hitting lockboxes and finding collectibles too. With added items such as launch platforms and more upgraded items such as balls and skills, the game opens up further. I may just delve further into the game seeing how far I can advance. The frustration of getting killed countless times however may deter those looking for a fix or just blowing stuff up.

Final Thoughts

What you have here is two genres brought together in a wacky and quirky way and the end product is an exciting experience. The golf aspect is what you’d expect from a typical golfing game, tranquil and can be about utilising the wind and clubs to get to the hole faster. The zombie element is full of tension and more acting in the moment to combat any foes in your path. A truly contrasting approach to both genres and one that excited me. I’d recommend anyone give this game a go, especially with friends as it’s a funny and exciting experience.

I give Golf vs. Zombies Thumb Cultures Silver Award!


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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