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Gigantosaurus: The Game developed by Wildsphere and published by OutRight Games is a fun, family-friendly game set in the prehistoric world of the Gigantosaurus cartoon found over on the Disney channel.  The dino tale is a mixture of part saving the world and part super race and features four playable dinos; Rocky, Tiny, Mazu and Bill who each have their own special ability.



Before I go on I must say this.  Gigantosaurus is for young children.  From the opening animated scene, you will able to tell from the slow rhyming narrative that what lies before you will not be the hardest of challenges for you, but for younger people, you may need to offer some assistance on occasion.

Gigantosaurus feels and plays a little like Spyro as you run around the cartoony map littered with trees, bushes, rocks and large hills, exploring what is on offer.  The aim of the game is to find the dinosaur eggs and place them into their designated nest on the island.  Some are easy to locate while others require a little bit of thinking and use of the correct dino to get to the egg.  Each level has 10 eggs to find however you only need to find 4 eggs to be able to progress to the next level.

There are an abundance of things to do on each island with a host of collectables to find, if you so wish.  The world is quite forgivable when it comes to hazards, therefore, the pressure is not on to get jumps across ravines or navigate narrow clifftop ledges correct first time, perfect for children or those who want to play a chilled but fun game.  Although each level follows a standard methodology, the in-between levels where you get to race in a go-kart give you a break from what you were doing.

Choose your Kart!

The four dinos each have their own go-kart to get about which adds to the fun. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose however there are collectables to snare along the way, although not too tricky.  Incidentally, the races can be started from the main menu if you rather have a drive.

Not quite Mario Kart but still fun!

One of the best bits about Gigantosaurus is that it is up to 4 players local co-op.  I have always enjoyed games like these as it brings the family together and in this case it is fun watching my littlun start to take his early steps with a controller as he experiences the thrill of moving a dino on the screen when he touches the thumbstick.  Gigantosaurus does require teamwork which can be interesting when one of the players wanders off, taking the screen with them for a brief moment!

Although there is no massive tutorial in Gigantosaurus there is an “Easy mode” that can be activated at any time to allow a trail to show up on the screen which will lead you to an egg.  This helps greatly if the child, or you, are having trouble locating an egg or cannot make sense of the map.  Turning on this mode also disables hazards and the moveable camera, making things a lot simpler.

Walk, run, climb, jump and fly!


Gigantosaurus is very easy on the eyes with bright and colourful landscapes and well-detailed cartoon dinos.  It is certainly not going to stress out your PS4 but does enough to make the game look visually appealing, especially to little people.  The cutscenes were a hit here.


Gigantosaurus has a very Disneyesque soundtrack featuring upbeat magical melodies giving a carnival atmosphere.  Throughout the game, the sound effects add to the immersion, holding littlun’s attention, and we particularly enjoyed the rhyming narrative as the story unfolded.


If you do the bare minimum on each level you can finish Gigantosaurus in around 3 hours however let’s face it, this is more for young children starting out playing games and also those that are fans of Gigantosaurus.  If you go on a ‘must collect everything’ bonanza then the game will last double that time easily.

Gigantosaurus takes you through different prehistoric regions, wrap up warm!


Gigantosaurus could not have come at a better time for me.  Sitting here with my littlun and Mrs while on lockdown, a new colourful distraction featuring dinosaurs was perfect!

For adults, after the first level and race you will discover that you are just repeating the process of collecting eggs in slightly different environments over and over again, however, I see Gigantosaurus as a tool to spend quality time with my children and also teach them how to play games.

We all started somewhere and when I see my son’s face light up as he has made the cartoon dino do something or he comes to find me to show me something he has found such as a slide on the top of a mountain then that makes my day.  There are not many games that offer a training environment such as this.

I award Gigantosaurus the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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